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Treat Your Sample with Precision from Ohaus

Precise weighing, heating, stirring and pH measurement lead to better results

Treat Your Sample with Precision from Ohaus

OHAUS has been a market leader for laboratory balances for over 100 years.


The addition of  lab equipment and electrochemistry instruments perfectly complement the portfolio so now OHAUS can offer labs a complete solution.

Accurate Weighing

When it comes to weighing large samples with high accuracy there aren't many instruments more capable than Explorer balances from OHAUS. Explorer balances come in several variants and are capable of weighing small samples down to 0.01mg or weighing large samples up to 35kg with a readability of 0.1g. Additionally, it has features that makes compliance with minimum weight, data integrity, and traceability standards.

Exact pH Measurement

Ideal for preparing buffer solutions or maintaining constant pH of samples, the ST5000's large color touchscreen display and adjustable standalone electrode holder make it simple to monitor pH. Conveniently interface to an external device for easy data storage and transfer or use GLP measurement mode to record and trace critical information.

Precise Stirring and Heating

A stirring range of 60 to 1600 rpm and safe heating up to 500°C, make the Guardian 7000 Hot Plate Stirrers a reliable option for standard mixing applications.  For large volume samples, turn to the Achiever 5000 Overhead Stirrer. The software-controlled torque compensation and 8 paddle options assure accurate, controlled stirring of viscous liquids

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