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Digital Event: Trends & Challenges in Biotech Digital Summit

Lab Manager Trends & Challenges in Biotech Digital Summit
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Trends & Challenges in Biotech Digital Summit

Products and Methods to Improve Human Health


November 5-6, 2024
From 11:00 AM EST

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Biotechnology laboratories face evolving trends and persistent challenges in the dynamic field of scientific research. This technological shift brings challenges, such as the need for specialized training for laboratory personnel to operate and maintain advanced systems. Additionally, the increasing complexity of biotechnological experiments demands stringent data management protocols and robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive information.

Lab Manager’s Trends & Challenges in Biotech Digital Summit on November 5-6 will offer guidance on the latest innovations and technological advances in the biotechnology field. This event will feature industry experts who will offer input on the communication and collaboration skills needed for successful project outcomes. Come away from this event with action items that will help you develop a strategic approach to resource allocation. An interactive Q&A session will follow each presentation. Register for this free virtual event and be sure to bring your questions for our experts.