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Triple Quadrupole GC/MS Application Compendium

The right choice for most applications

by Agilent Technologies

The Agilent 7000D triple quadrupole GC/MS is the latest model of the most successful GC/TQ in history. The 7000D triple quadrupole GC/MS incorporates a range of features, such as the MRM Optimizer tool and dynamic MRM methods to help you move existing single quadrupole methods to the GC/TQ platform and gain the best possible performance in the process.

The Agilent 7010B triple quadrupole GC/MS is the most sensitive version of Agilent's compact benchtop triple quad (MS/MS) systems, providing attogram-level detection limits in electron ionization (EI) mode. The breakthrough in sensitivity allows you to optimize sample preparation, reduce maintenance cycles by injecting less, or achieve new detection limits.

Download this compendium now to learn more about how these triple quad systems can enhance your workflow, courtesy of Agilent.