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Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

A laboratory UPS is more than a product—it is a service that requires a reputable and reliable provider

Uninterruptible Power Supply Systems

A laboratory UPS is more than a product—it is a service that requires a reputable and reliable provider.

by Franek Technologies

When selecting an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system to protect expensive, mission-critical instruments, it is important to work with a reliable and reputable provider. The provider must have a good understanding of sophisticated instruments, as well as the laboratory environment and workflows. Founded in 1974, Franek Technologies’ knowledgeable team has been providing high-quality UPS systems and customer support for decades. Franek UPS systems protect more than six billion dollars in laboratory assets worldwide, and provide access to a clean, uninterruptible power supply.

Power quality issues can be costly

Power quality issues in the laboratory can have a significant impact on productivity, and can create added costs. Power spikes, distortion, and outages render important instruments offline, and can damage samples and instruments if they occur during an analytical run. In addition to the costs associated with lost productivity— and damage to potentially irreplaceable samples—there are added costs associated with retesting and recalibrating instruments. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems are designed to deliver a steady stream of high-fidelity power to instruments and protect against spikes, distortion, and outages. Providing instruments with a clean, continuous energy source can also prolong their lifespan and reduce the overall cost of ownership.

Partnering with a reputable provider

Implementing a UPS system means trusting that your most valuable instruments are protected. As such, it is important to choose a high-quality UPS, and a reliable and reputable provider.

Laboratories can be confident in partnering with a company that has a strong reputation within the laboratory community. Franek Technologies’ knowledgeable engineers understand the complexities of sophisticated laboratory instruments, and can identify the right UPS for mass spectrometers, genetic analyzers, gas and liquid chromatographs, and numerous other instruments. In addition to technical knowledge, the team understands the needs of laboratories operating in highly regulated and cost-constrained environments, as well as logistical challenges—old buildings, sources of interference and more.

Each UPS model is configured for a specific instrument, to ensure the correct power according to make and model. A qualified engineer understands instrument power requirements and can recommend an appropriate certified CAT-II-3 or double conversion UPS solution with just the make and model information—double-conversion technology is ideal to protect laboratory instruments with motors, solenoids, heaters, and lasers. Alternatively, for those who prefer to select a configuration themselves, Franek Technologies’ online database features a variety of certified CAT-III-3 and double-conversion UPS systems to choose from.

When selecting a UPS system, laboratories should also consider warranty options and customer support. In addition to warranty coverage, the Franek team tracks each UPS unit and provides customers reminders for battery replacements and routine maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

Laboratory instrument power supply is a very important—but often overlooked—factor in reducing costs and maintaining productivity. When selecting a UPS for the laboratory, reliability and customer support is just as important as product quality.