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Unique Combination of 4 Tube Coding Concepts Guarantees Sample Traceability

‘‘Hybrid’’ tubes are provided with white side walls, allowing for 4 sample identification methods

by Micronic
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An exceptional new sample storage tube range is introduced by Micronic, leader in sample storage innovation, to guarantee the complete traceability of samples. The so called ‘‘hybrid’’ tubes are provided with white side walls allowing for 4 sample identification methods. The unique combination of 4 coding concepts on one tube enables extremely easy automated and visual sample identification. The new range is introduced by the launch of first two sizes: the 0.75ml and 1.40ml tubes.

The transparent part of the tube walls enable easy visual checking of the sample, while the 4 coding concepts guarantee sample traceability. First, the white blank surface of the tubes allow researchers to write or laser their own specific identification codes on the side. Second, the numeric human-readable code on the tube side wall enables visual sample identification. Third, the 1D Barcode on the side of the tube can be read by handheld scanners and automated systems. And fourth, the 2D Data-Matrix on the bottom of the tube makes it possible to read a full rack of tubes at once. With these 4 coding concepts on one tube researchers can verify information and keep identifying samples when automated or visual sample identification methods are challenging.

The high contrast 1D, 2D and human-readable codes are permanently laser-etched into the white surfaces, so that they can never wear or fall off. Additionally, the bottom code surface features a raised edge, which protects the 2D Data-Matrix code against accidental scratches. The white bottom and tube walls cannot be separated from the transparent tube due to the unique 2 component injection molding technique that Micronic uses to manufacture tubes. Moreover, the external thread of the tubes eliminates the possibility of the sample coming into contact with the screw thread, while the triple thread of the tubes ensures an excellent closure and horizontal placement of the cap.

The Micronic tubes are manufactured and assembled in certified class-7 clean rooms at facilities in both the Netherlands and the United States. The sample tubes are RNase/DNase and pyrogen free. The tubes are compatible with the Micronic ULT rack in 96-well format. The racks feature a laser-etched 1D rack barcode on one side and a 'Twist-Lock' to prevent tubes from turning during screw capping or decapping. The Micronic ULT racks are based on the automation friendly ANSI/SLAS rack format.

The 0.75ml and 1.40ml tubes are available for purchase in bulk and in a Micronic ULT Rack, and are compatible with Micronic Screw Cap Recappers, Micronic Code Readers and other automated systems. For more information, contact or call your local Micronic sales office:

About Micronic

Micronic ( is an independent organization with its headquarters located in Lelystad, the Netherlands. Our goal is to advance research by serving scientists in finding solutions that contribute to a higher quality of life. We develop and manufacture a range of Dutch-designed products to enhance the process of sample preservation and storage.