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Unlocking University Labs: How to Enhance Usage, Profitability, and Efficiency

Join Lab Manager and our experts as we discuss streamlining lab use management, billing, and reporting processes

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The right management tools are key to driving university lab efficiency, usage, and profitability. Learn how to cut back on administrative costs and save time so you can do more of what really matters—research and education. Discover resources that allow you to 1) meet the needs of the lab and its users, 2) increase lab profitability, and 3) fulfill state and department requirements

During the webinar, we will dive into practical methods for increasing the accessibility of your lab, enabling you to serve a wider range of users without adding extra administrative workload. Specifically, we will discuss how you can streamline lab use management, billing, and reporting processes. This enhanced efficiency will not only free up your time but will also promote increased accessibility for users to increase lab traffic.

Come prepared with your questions for our interactive Q&A session with the speaker following the presentation.

As an attendee, you will learn more about:

  • Key areas where efficiency can increase lab Usage and Profitability
    • Billing 
      • Flexible payment methods open lab services up to a wide range of clients, from garage start-ups to corporate companies. 
    • One system that can process most payment types.
      • Accessibility on the client’s end translates to flexibility on the lab manager’s end. 
    • Reporting 
      • Milestones 
      • Usage
      • Income 
      • Expenses 
      • Don’t spend more time than necessary justifying your lab costs and existence. 
    • Community awareness of lab capabilities leads to more traffic
      • Website searchability—“Search Engine Optimization”
    • Streamline Lab Usage 
      • Clearly outlined rules and access policies 
      • Work Authorization Form
      • Card key system for added accountability
    • The right procedures and technology create efficiency for both lab users and managers. 


Kimberly Watts 
Lab Manager & Program Director
University of Utah 

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