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VACUU·SELECT® Application-Based Vacuum Controller: Intuitive Vacuum Control within Your Reach

VACUUBRAND’s new VACUU·SELECT® controller takes an application-based approach to vacuum process control. 


The new VACUU·SELECT® controller unlocks the benefits of vacuum control for scientists and engineers by creating an intuitive user experience. The application-based interface makes vacuum control as easy as using a smartphone. The touch screen display and icon-driven navigation make it simple for users to select the best application for their process and get started immediately. Intuitive navigation makes advanced control capability accessible to all experience levels, from part-time undergraduate research assistants to senior research staff.

VACUUBRAND has developed and validated preloaded applications to create reliable options for common lab vacuum processes. Users can start with the preloaded application that matches their work and make adjustments if needed. Process parameters are automatically populated with typical values based on VACUUBRAND’s many years of experience working with customers. The preloaded applications are easily modified. Default values are simple to adjust to suit a specific application. Additional process steps can be added or deleted, and the sequence of steps can be modified, through simple drag-and-drop editing. Customized applications can be saved and marked as favorites for easy future access. This is great for pumps which are shared between several people, or for pumps that are used to support several common processes.

Each VACUU·SELECT controller comes preloaded with an array of applications such as filtration, drying ovens, vacuum concentration, rotary evaporation, freeze drying, and Schlenk lines. Based on how the controller is configured and which components are connected, the intelligent controller will recognize which applications are possible and display only those options. This allows the same controller to support a wide variety of uses. For fine vacuum applications like Schlenk lines or freeze drying, the VACUU·SELECT fine vacuum control packages are a great option when paired with a rotary vane pump. The VACUU·SELECT Complete controller works with a standard rough vacuum source to bring enhanced efficiency and repeatability to vacuum processes like filtration, drying ovens, and rotary evaporation.

Vacuum process automation capabilities are unlocked with VARIO select pumps, which pair the VACUU·SELECT controller with VACUUBRAND’s speed controlled VARIO® pumps. VARIO select pumps help accelerate process development, automatically running evaporative or distillation processes by continuously sensing the vacuum level and adjusting the pump motor speed. This completes the process as fast as possible while preventing bumping and foaming, saving scientists and engineers time and improving productivity.

VACUU·SELECT controllers make vacuum control accessible through a modern, application-based interface that creates an incredible user experience. Work that was previously difficult or laborious is a snap with a VACUU·SELECT controller, resulting in time savings and productivity gains.

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