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VACUUBRAND® BVC Family of Fluid Aspiration Systems

The new family of BVC fluid aspiration systems offer the perfect solution for safe, sensitive and efficient aspiration of supernatants for a modern Biology laboratory.

by BrandTech Scientific

The new family of BVC fluid aspiration systems offer the perfect solution for safe, sensitive and efficient aspiration of supernatants for a modern Biology laboratory. All models feature integrated 2 or 4 liter containment vessels for safe collection of biological waste. An autoclavable hydrophobic 0.2µm bio-filter protects the vacuum supply and laboratory environment from biohazardous aerosols. The VacuuHandControl (VHC) provides thumbpressure control for precise aspiration and keeps all fluid within the aspiration tubing for containment and cleaning convenience.


  • Reliable aspiration capability: Control and Professional models feature powerful VACUUBRAND® chemistry-design vacuum pumps with exceptionally long service life and enough power for two users. High quality components mean years of trouble free operation even when working with aggressive disinfectants. This results in low cost of operation.


  • Containment: 2 or 4 liter collection bottles; autoclavable hydrophobic 0.2μm bio-filter; the ergonomic VacuuHandControl features a functional design which keeps all fluid within the aspiration tubing.


  • “Bleach proof:”“G” models feature a 2 liter glass collection vessel with scratch and fragment protection coating for true bleach resistance.


  • Compact, quiet and stylish. Streamlined design incorporates bottle, controls and pump (Control & Pro models), in a small footprint that fits nicely on a lab bench or next to a Biological Safety Cabinet; a clip is included to help secure the tubing out of your way. Smooth contours and touch panels rather than knobs mean “easy to keep clean” as well.

    Three models Basic, Control and Professional to serve your fluid aspiration needs.

    Basic. The BVC Basic is the unpowered version, suitable for use with a VACUU•LAN® vacuum network, central vacuum system or shared pump. A mechanical regulator provides a suitable vacuum level in the bottle for aspiration, and shuts off connection to the line when appropriate vacuum level is reached – no power required! This reduces demand on the vacuum supply, increasing efficiency while reducing noise and impact on other applications. Ready for use - supplied with a stable and easy-to-clean powder coated metal stand, 0.2μm aerosol filter, and VacuuHandControl. Available in heavy duty polypropylene, or bleach resistant glass versions.

    Control. The BVC Control features a powerful whisper-quiet VACUUBRAND® chemistry-design vacuum pump, eliminating the need for, and isolating from central vacuum supply. Potentially Biohazardous materials can be contained in a local area. The pump is turned on and off automatically on demand when using the VacuuHandControl which further reduces the noise level. An easy to clean touch panel adjusts and indicates the vacuum level switchpoint. This provides exactly the aspiration power you need ,when you need it. Available with either a 4 liter polypropylene, or 2 liter bleach resistant glass bottle.

    Professional. The top-of-the-line BVC Professional includes an external liquid level sensor, which operates without contacting, or being exposed to bottle contents. This lets you concentrate fully on your work without worrying about overflow. A special disinfection program allows the aspiration of disinfectant after the system is shut down to decontaminate the VacuuHand- Control. The 4L polypropylene bottle version is supplied with quick connectors as standard; the 2 liter glass bottle “bleach proof” version includes hose barb connections; optional quick connectors are available. The contact free design of the level sensor simplifies container design and reduces costs when using multiple collection bottles.






















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