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VACUU·PURE® 10C—Pure Vacuum. Nothing Else.

This new chemically resistant pump provides oil-free vacuum from atmospheric pressure down to 10-3 MBAR for cases that demand clean processes and pure products

VACUU·PURE® 10C—Pure Vacuum. Nothing Else.

The dry screw pump VACUU·PURE® 10C reliably delivers the benefits of oil-free vacuum technology in the pressure range of 10-3 mbar.


No wear parts

VACUU·PURE 10C takes dry screw pump technology to the next level. The special design enables you to run your process without interruption. VACUU?PURE pumps have no scheduled maintenance for replacement of wear parts, and are 100% oil-free. This saves time, reduces operating costs, and enables trouble-free operation.

Extraordinary condensate compatibility

VACUU?PURE pumps easily handle high vapor loads due to extraordinary condensate compatibility. This makes a gas ballast unnecessary. The integrated regeneration mode enables rapid drying of the pump at the end of a process, significantly increasing sample throughput.

Developed for aggressive media

All wetted materials are made of chemically resistant polymers. A thick overmolded layer of PEEK protects the spindles and stator inside the pump. The chemically resistant wetted materials make VACUU?PURE 10C well-suited for work with aggressive gases and vapors. Cold traps are unnecessary in many applications.

Clean processes, pure products

VACUU?PURE pumps are 100% oil-free and 100% hydrocarbon-free. The spindles rotate contact-free, so the pump runs free of abrasion. This enables clean processes and pure products – and protects the lab and the environment. Save time and money: no more oil changes; no more waste oil disposal.

Ideal for many applications

VACUU·PURE is ideally suited for numerous processes – such as drying ovens, freeze drying, distillation, and as a roughing pump. Rated for continuous operation over its full range, VACUU?PURE pumps cover atmospheric pressure down to 5x10-3 mbar. They provide especially high pumping speed at low pressures.