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VANTAstar® Microplate Reader

BMG LABTECH´s VANTAstar® is a compact multi-mode microplate reader that was conceived for ease of use and flexibility. The VANTAstar ensures effortless detection setup for simplified data generation


LVF MonochromatorsTM

Why use filters if you can get comparable sensitivity and additional flexibility from a monochromator? Our patented LVF Monochromators ensure filter-like performance combined with wavelength flexibility. Benefits also include adjustable bandwidths from 8 to 100 nm and a linear variable dichroic mirror to significantly reduce background noise.

Enhanced dynamic range (EDR)

VANTAstar users do not have to worry about selecting the optimal gain settings. The EDR technology grants a dynamic range spanning over eight concentration decades in a single measurement. With EDR, every plate is automatically read with a setting that provides the best sensitivity and signal-to-blank ratios.

Rapid full-plate auto-focus

Focusing excitation light directly onto the sample significantly improves fluorescent yield, sensitivity, and dynamic range. The VANTAstar incorporates a rapid, full-plate auto-focus for both top and bottom reading in all plate formats. Combined with EDR, this feature makes detection easier.

Full absorbance spectra in the blink of an eye

Why would you detect only a single wavelength if you could acquire a full UV/vis spectrum in the same amount of time? The spectrometer on the VANTAstar captures a full absorbance spectrum (220 - 1000 nm) in less than one second/well.

Automatic cross-talk reduction

Glow luminescence assays are negatively affected by cross-talk from neighboring wells. If this is not reduced, low-signal wells might see more counts from nearby bright wells than from their actual signal. BMG LABTECH's cross-talk reduction package automatically reduces non-specific signal and increases data quality.

Effortless cell-based assays

The VANTAstar comes with features specifically dedicated to cell-based assays. These include O2 and CO2 regulation with the atmospheric control unit (ACU), temperature incubation, bottom reading, and three different well scan modes to enable robust data acquisition even from non-homogeneous samples, such as adherent cells.

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BMG LABTECH VANTAstar plate reader

BMG LABTECH´s VANTAstar® is a compact multi-mode microplate reader that was conceived for ease of use and flexibility.

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