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Webinar: Webinar: Innovations in CO2 Incubators: Is it Time to Upgrade?

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Webinar: Innovations in CO2 Incubators: Is it Time to Upgrade?
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Are you beginning research into purchasing a Carbon Dioxide (CO2) incubator that will best meet your requirements? This webinar will feature vendor panelists who will present the latest advancements in their CO2 incubators

Live Air Date: Thursday, May 17, 2012

Carbon dioxide (CO2) incubators are mainly used in cell culture to control variables such as temperature, CO2 for maintaining the right pH levels, and humidity, all of which affect cell growth. Are you looking to buy a new incubator or thinking of upgrading your old one? With so many systems and features to choose from, how do you decide which vendor and model to go with? An obvious consideration when purchasing a CO2 incubator is the application for which it will be used. However, are there other factors that determine which incubator best meets your requirements and provides you with the best value?

Join the live, free webinar brought to you by Lab Manager Magazine and talk to a panel of technical experts from leading vendors to help simplify your decision-making process. Our experts will discuss the new trends and improvements in the CO2 incubator market and address your questions and concerns during the live Q&A session. This webinar is a convenient and efficient way for you to gain knowledge about new products and features in order to help you make the best purchase for your lab.

As an attendee, you will learn more about:

  • What type of CO2 incubator can be best tailored to your specific applications and workflows
  • What factors should be taken into account when selecting a vendor and the product
  • Recent trends and innovations in CO2 incubators