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Webinar: Webinar: Retaining the Best Employees in the Lab

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Webinar: Retaining the Best Employees in the Lab
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This webcast will provide you with pointers on how to keep your star employees working for your lab.

Original broadcast date: Wednesday, October 5th, 2011

Presenter: Dick Finnegan

Don’t let our nation’s 9% unemployment rate fool you. Three million of these openings can’t be filled due to a shortage of qualified workers and unemployment for college grads is just 4.5%. Or said another way, filling the most important jobs is just as hard as before the recession.

Join Dick Finnegan, author of “Rethinking Retention in Good Times and Bad,” to learn the most important steps for keeping your best workers. Dick’s work has been praised by BusinessWeek as “offering fresh thinking for solving the turnover problem in any economy.” His work underscores a key principle for engaging and retaining your teams: It’s not what you give them; it’s how you treat them.

As a webcast attendee, you will learn:

  • The 10 steps of the Rethinking Retention Model, the only research-based, sequential model for improving employee retention
  • The vital importance of managing retention through sales, service, quality, and safety by establishing its costs and holding leaders accountable to goals
  • Specific steps for improving hiring and onboarding to boost retention
  • The power of Stay Interviews for retaining the very best members of your team

Dick Finnegan has been cited by BusinessWeek, Chief Executive Magazine, and Consulting Magazine as the leading thinker on employee retention. Dick is the CEO of C-Suite Analytics, his company that helps organizations engage and retain their employees.