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Webinar: Webinar: UHPLC - Turning Up the Pressure on Laboratory Efficiency Savings

This webinar with Dr. Phillip Grace will explore the effect of UHPLC on the method development process and compare HPLC to UHPLC.

Original broadcast date: Tuesday October 26, 2010

Dr. Philip Grace is Principal Scientist at HFL Sport Science in Cambridgeshire, UK.

Before joining HFL, Dr. Grace studied for his Ph.D. in carbohydrate mass spectrometry at King’s College London before undertaking a postdoctoral position at the Australian National University, investigating the mass spectrometric analysis of glycosaminoglycans. Following a move back to the UK, Dr. Grace joined the MRC Dunn Human Nutrition Unit, working within the late Professor Sheila Bingham’s diet and cancer group. There Dr. Grace worked on the development of a number of GC-MS and LC-MS assays for nutritional biomarkers that were thought to be related to cancer.

Key learnings from the webinar:

  • HPLC vs. UHPLC – Does the extra performance outweigh the extra cost?
  • Effect of UHPLC on the method development process.
  • UHPLC - Making the impossible, possible?