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When Seconds Matter, New Crescent JOBOX® Safety Cabinets Provide More Time to Act

Crescent JOBOX® Flammable Storage Cabinets provide next-level safety with industry-leading heat resistance

by Crescent
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Storing flammable or combustible materials is entirely about safety, and in the worst-case scenarios, it’s critical to have the best protection available. The new Crescent JOBOX® Flammable Storage Cabinets—developed by Apex Tool Group—are UL certified after not just passing heat tests but surpassing the standards for certification.

“Protecting people, products and property was the guiding force behind us as we developed these new safety cabinets,” said product manager Sam Samsel. “We looked at the various ways that safety cabinets can fail and developed innovative solutions to those issues. The result is a flammable storage cabinet that’s unmatched.”In burn tests with exterior temperatures between 1,250 and 1,500 degrees, any cabinet looking for certification has to hold an internal temperature of under 350 degrees for 10 minutes. These new cabinets from Crescent JOBOX maxed out at only 270 degrees.

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Some highlights of the Crescent JOBOX Flammable Storage Cabinets:

  • Outperformed the leading competitor cabinet by over 100% in an independent UL 10-minute Burn Test
  • EZ Level™ bolster makes leveling simple and safe
  • Hi-Viz Safety Information Labels provide a reminder and reference for users to follow proper safety and usage practices
  • Anti-tip feature on the EZ-Level™ bolster extends the base footprint beyond the width of the cabinet for improved stability

The cabinets come in five sizes and three colors for specific contents. For more, go to