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White Paper: Cell Cultivation without Contamination

How do you prevent contamination in the CO2 incubator? What concepts are there? And which are truly effective and practicable?

by Jens Thielmann, PhD

Hot air sterilization and other means of contamination control in CO2 incubators – a comparison of concepts from the user perspective

No other problem in cell culturing is as universal as microbial contamination. In order to avoid it, good sterile techniques and thorough culture handling are essential. Beyond that, the CO2 incubator plays a key role because it provides optimal growth conditions not only for cell cultures but also for various unwanted microbes. Taking that into account, every high-quality incubator exhibits several features for contamination avoidance. However, a sensible decision for purchasing one or the other incubator takes more than just the addition of technical details.

In fact, the complete systems and especially the anti-contamination concepts need to be compared and evaluated. It turns out that system complexity does not per se lead to higher safety. The incubator should rather enable optimal contamination avoidance without extensive hands-on time while keeping running costs low.

In this white paper you get information about:

  • How to prevent contamination in the CO2 incubator
  • What concepts are there?
  • Which concepts are truly effective and practicable?

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