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Why Good Manufacturing Practices Are the Foundation for Great Science

Laboratory equipment manufactured with care and attention to detail lets scientists focus on what matters most

by Heidolph
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Supporting Scientists in Pursuit of a Better World

The words from Dylan Thomas implore us to strive for more, take on challenges, to live boldly and with conviction. This sentiment is especially evident in the scientific community, where the fight against disease is fraught with challenges. Take, for example, the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that do not respond to any available treatment and necessitate ongoing drug development. Or cancer therapies that need to be designed to destroy cancer cells without damaging healthy cells. For every step forward, new challenges arise. It is because of tireless effort and bold new ideas that scientists create cures and improve countless lives. This drive and motivation, however, is not limited to the life sciences. It extends even further into our daily lives, as scientists and researchers work to overcome challenges facing society, including ensuring production of safe and nutritious food, as well as improving materials that make up our homes, medical devices, and personal technology.

Chemical, industrial, and life science research advancing new concepts begins in the lab, where countless fundamental processes set the foundation for future discoveries. Using reliable equipment, manufactured in a way that adheres to the highest quality standards, ensures accurate, consistent results. It also enhances productivity by allowing scientists to spend time and resources on their research. Companies like Heidolph North America make it their mission to use good manufacturing practices and provide quality individual support, allowing scientists to put their research first.

Be Prepared for Your Challenge

New innovations and cures often stem from the latest, most advanced techniques. These techniques rely heavily on basic preparatory steps such as vortexing and heating samples and autoclaving surgical tools and glassware. While these steps seem mundane, they are essential to the success of the experiment. For example, ensuring a drug is properly dissolved in a solution by vortexing or heating can be essential to its in vivo efficacy. Having easy to use, reliable heating platforms and vortexes makes this task seem like second nature. Similarly, powerful techniques such as gas or liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry produce enormous amounts of data identifying thousands of metabolites in a single sample. Sample preparation involves evaporating solvents out of the sample, often using rotary evaporators. Heidolph rotary evaporators are made with high quality German engineered motors. They are designed and manufactured in German-based research, development, and production facilities, and are backed by guaranteed quality standards. This ensures scientists can process thousands of samples worry free.

When exploring new ideas in the lab, it is also necessary to ensure appropriate safety measures are in place. When working with vapors, fumes, gas, and particulate, properly functioning hoods and workstations protect individuals from exposure to hazardous substances.

Preparation not only leads to better research, it can save money over the course of experiments. Investing in tools to reduce waste, such as distillation systems for recycling, adds up to significant savings over time. This may be done on a small scale in a laboratory to recycle frequently used solvents, or on a larger scale in industry. Processes like cleaning auto parts produces liters of waste fluid daily, and recycling these fluids creates longterm cost savings and increases sustainability.

Being prepared with the right tools makes daily tasks safer and more efficient, accelerating discovery and innovation.

Align Yourself with Those Who Share Your Values

With laboratory equipment, routine maintenance and the associated downtime can be costly. Similarly, malfunctions that occur during an experiment seriously hinder research, especially when equipment needs to be shipped off-site for service or repair. By adhering to good manufacturing practices, and providing longer warranty periods, scientists can be guaranteed reliable, high quality equipment that is made to last. Heidolph laboratory equipment is manufactured in Germany, with the “Made in Germany” seal signifying premium, high quality products. Using German-made components that do not require routine maintenance, and the high standards of quality control applied to each individual unit increases product longevity.

Quality results rely on high-quality engineered products.Research advancing new concepts begins in the lab, where countless fundamental processes set the foundation for future discoveries.Caring for the needs of researchers accelerates science and discovery.

The reason so much care goes into each piece of equipment is because Heidolph understands that regardless of the field of research, scientists are working toward a common goal of improving human health and living conditions. The company’s core values lie in supporting scientists so that they can produce their best work. When high quality products are coupled with best in class service and support, the result is exciting innovation and solutions.

Support the Researcher, Support the Cause

Ideas may be born in an instant but translating them into real life solutions takes years of effort, trials, and failures. These solutions are the work of those who, in the words of Thomas, “rage against the dying of the light,” continuing to work despite setbacks. Recent advances in biotechnology, such as gene editing, targeted cancer therapies, and stem cells, are changing the way we think of disease. The development of new pharmacologic agents to target pathways in chronic illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes enables patients to effectively manage these conditions. These solutions stemmed from bold ideas and the search for better solutions. Heidolph is passionate about providing researchers products engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards along with outstanding support. They are working behind the scenes along every step of the way on the path to new discovery. In caring for the researchers’ needs, Heidolph accelerates great science for a better world.

Heidolph North America shares the common goal of scientists worldwide, aiming to improve our health and quality of life. They do so by supporting researchers in life science, chemical, and industrial fields. By manufacturing reliable, high quality equipment and providing support and service for the lifetime of their products, they make research easier. Caring for the needs of researchers accelerates science and discovery. Quality results rely on high-quality engineered products.


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