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Digital Event: Women Leaders in Science Digital Summit

Lab Manager Women Leaders in Science Summit
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Women Leaders in Science Digital Summit

Helping Women Reach Their Leadership Potential 

March 12, 2024
From 11:00 AM EDT

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Lab managers work hard to appreciate their unique sense of self and originality. Recognizing these qualities as significant while pursuing a career in science is critical for diversity and inclusion. Women have long been marginalized and undervalued in leadership and management positions in the scientific community. Gender prejudice has hampered women's advancement to high-level positions in STEM; therefore, devising solutions to allow qualified persons to succeed in their respective careers is vital.

Join Lab Manager as we provide a forum for accomplished women to share their thoughts on a variety of issues at our Women Leaders in Science Digital Summit. These speakers will share their experiences by addressing many women's problems on March 12, 2024, along with advising people wishing to grow in their jobs or advance to leadership positions. Viewers will experience a sense of community and empathize with these speakers' travels by encouraging this knowledge-sharing. This digital conference will equip women in this field with significant job development guidance, aid those who seek to support women in their own workplace and build inclusive leadership skills, and will advise a new generation of women on how to achieve their goals and command a room. 

Following each session, audience members are encouraged to participate in a Q&A with the presenters. Register for free to attend this informative event and serve as the platform for engaging with like-minded individuals in your community.