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Work with Fumes Without Connecting to Ventilation

Work safely with fumes, particulates, and powders without a major lab renovation

by Plastic Concepts Inc.
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Q: Is there a product out there that would help me work safely with fumes that wouldn’t require a hook-up to exhaust ventilation?

The work I’m doing in my lab requires the use of a snorkel, but I don’t have the access to exhaust ventilation in my space and a lab renovation is out of the question.

A: Yes, you can use a filtered downdraft table.

When you’re working on something that would normally require the use of a snorkel but you don’t have access to one, you can use this work station. By using negative air pressure, noxious fumes, solvents, acids, particulates, and powders are pulled away from the user toward the back of the downdraft table and through a specialized filtration and detection system. It scrubs the air and then recirculates clean air back into the lab. The advanced filtration, which resides below the table, eliminates the need to connect to exhaust ventilation. All you need is access to a power outlet and you’re ready to work! Also, recirculating the air has a hidden benefit of saving money over time. With products that require a traditional exhaust ventilation system, the conditioned air of the lab is constantly lost and the HVAC system is continuously working to heat/cool the lab environment–this is very costly! Eliminate this extra expense when using a filtered work station.


Equipped with filtration and detection from the experts at Erlab, this work table provides a safe and cost-effective alternative to the need for exhaust ventilation products. The filters scrub solvents, acids, odors, fumes, powders, and particulates from the air. The detection technology keeps the user aware of the filter efficacy over time so there is no guesswork or question about the level of safety.

Plastic Concepts specializes in lab and cleanroom furniture fabrication including fume hoods, casework, cabinets, mobile storage solutions, and accessories.

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