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Work With On-Demand Nitrogen Gas Without Using a Gas Cylinder

Enhance laboratory efficiency and safety while reducing costs with a nitrogen gas generator

Peak Scientific Genius XE

Peak Scientific is a leading innovator and global expert in high-performance nitrogen and hydrogen gas generator systems for LC-MS, GC, GC-MS and other applications used in laboratories around the world.

by Peak Scientific
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Q:Is there a reliable product out there that could help me work with nitrogen gas for LC-MS without using a gas cylinder?

We require quality nitrogen gas to supply our LC-MS instrument but gas cylinders are becoming a hassle due to the increasing costs, repeated deliveries, and ongoing rental charges, not to mention the safety issues they present to our laboratory staff and the damage repeated deliveries cause to our environment.

A:Yes, you can use an on-site nitrogen gas generator.

Using a nitrogen generator for LC-MS eliminates the inconvenience of ordering and switching gas cylinders, which can vary in purity levels from cylinder to cylinder, pose manhandling safety risks, and become increasingly costly over time. Switching to a nitrogen gas generator removes the hassle of such time-consuming logistical planning, thereby helping your lab cut down on additional costs by producing your own gas, on-demand.

This more efficient method of using a gas generator to supply nitrogen to LC-MS instruments provides your lab with a safer, cost-effective, and reliable alternative to gas cylinders, offering a more consistent source of analytical grade gas that is also better for the environment.

Genius XE Series

Delivering efficiency and superior reliability, Genius XE is designed to support the latest and most sensitive LC-MS instruments. Combining advanced technology with robust engineering, Genius XE is available in two models—XE 35 (up to 35L/min) and XE 70 (up to 70 L/min)—both providing a premium standalone solution for LC-MS applications, with purity up to 99.5%.

Peak Scientific is a leading innovator in the design, manufacture, and support of high-performance hydrogen generators and nitrogen generators for analytical laboratories.