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World’s First Fully Automated Sample Preparation and Injection UHPLC System

The Zivak Multitasker is a fully automated UHPLC System that can automate many different analysis methods

by Zivak Technologies
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Zivak Multitasker

The Zivak Multitasker is a fully automated UHPLC System that can automate many different analysis methods. The robotic arms carry out sample preparation steps such as barcode reading and sample transferring from primary sample tubes, reagent adding, vortex mixing, centrifugation, online SPE without any user intervention, and inject the prepared sample. All you have to do is to place your primary sample tubes, start the analysis and get your results.

Zivak Multitasker delivers solution to low throughput problem in chromatography analysis, eliminates manual sample preparation related errors, and allows you to make the most of your MS-MS instrument by turning your MS-MS into a walk away routine clinical analyzer. Zivak Multitasker works connected to a MS/MS instrument and it is compatible with a wide range of brands and models.

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HPLC is a gold standard method alternative to LC-MS-MS and according to LC-MS-MS—VD-200 comparison study, Zivak VD-200 gives as accurate and precise results as LC-MS-MS vitamin D2-D3 analysis thanks to its highly sensitive UV detector. Zivak VD-200 will allow you to get accurate vitamin D2-D3 results in six minutes from placing primary sample tubes in the sample tray to results and lighten the workload of your MS/MS instrument, making it available to other MS/MS-specific analyses.

About Zivak Technologies

Zivak Technologies is an international company manufacturing ready to use LC-MS-MS and HPLC analysis kits in the clinical diagnostics field. Zivak Technologies also supplies its own fully automated sample preparation and injection systems which enable laboratories around the globe to make efficient use of their MS-MS instruments as well as HPLC instruments in a fast, accurate and cost efficient way.