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XPert® Nano™ Enclosures protect users during nanoparticle manipulation and dry powder chemical handling

XPert Nano Enclosures provide user protection by keeping hazardous powders and particulates contained during procedures such as nanoparticle manipulation and dry powder chemical handling.

by Labconco

XPert Nano Enclosures provide user protection by keeping hazardous powders and particulates contained during procedures such as nanoparticle manipulation and dry powder chemical handling. The patented containment design filters the air through a 99.999% bag-in/bag-out ULPA filter before returning the clean air to the laboratory. The all stainless steel interior (sides, work surface, removable baffle and removable airfoil) is designed for easy wipe down and cleaning procedures. An optional built-in ionizer neutralizes static charge on interior surfaces by emitting ions into the airstream, which helps reduce weighing errors and attraction of particles to the enclosure surfaces. The XPert Nano is the first and only enclosure validated for nanomaterial containment. Learn more at

Purifier® Cell Logic® Biosafety Cabinets safely accommodate a microscope and keep samples at optimum temperature.

Labconco’s Purifier Cell Logic was designed specifically for cell culture and cell research applications. The Purifier Cell Logic incorporates several unique features into the biosafety cabinet to facilitate cell culture procedures. With the Cell Logic, scientists can clearly and safely use their microscope inside a biosafety cabinet without vibration issues while accurately maintaining sample temperature.

The Scope-Ready™ package incorporates the Pure- Vu™ eyepiece seal into the biosafety cabinet’s glass sash and is designed to accommodate a wide range of microscope sizes and configurations, including inverted and stereo scopes. The Pure-Vu seal ensures user safety and provides protection against contamination of the sample. The Pure-Vu seal has passed ASHRAE testing and meets the requirements for NSF 49 compliance. Other manufacturers have designed microscope seals that are opaque, limiting the user’s vision of the sample at all times inside the biosafety cabinet. Labconco solved this problem using an exclusive material that is both chemically resistant and flexible, while also being completely transparent.

The Scope-Ready package also includes a vibration isolating microscope base plate. The Stand-Still™ isolation platform isolates cabinet vibration from the microscope, providing a 300% improvement in microscope stability. In addition, the Stand-Still isolation platform helps maintain airflow across the work surface to prevent areas of static airflow under the microscope.

Another package available on the Cell Logic is the Temp-Zone™ work surface. During cell culturing and research procedures samples are often incubated for growth or chilled for preservation. These samples are susceptible when removed from the heated or chilled environment. Labconco designed the Temp-Zone work surface to maintain the sample media temperature. The Temp-Zone work surface can be chilled to 2° Celsius or heated to temperatures exceeding those needed for cell culturing procedures. Distinctive laser micro-etching outlines the Temp-Zone area for the user without sacrificing cleanability of the work surface.

The Cell Logic also includes the unique and patented features of the Purifier Logic Biosafety Cabinet. The electronically commutated motor (ECM) is the most energy efficient motor technology in the industry. Labconco’s patented airflow monitoring technology utilizes the ECM to precisely maintain the proper airflow through the biosafety cabinet. In addition, the LCD display is conveniently located and displays valuable information to the user. An industry first, the Filter Life Remaining bar graph takes the guesswork out of when to replace the biosafety cabinet’s HEPA filters. The LCD display also provides visual indication of alarm conditions and incorporates interval and countdown timers.

The Cell Logic can be configured in three ways – Scope-Ready, Temp-Zone, or Scope-Ready plus Temp-Zone. Please contact Labconco for help determining which configuration is most appropriate for your customer.

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