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XPR Analytical Balance

XPR Analytical Balances are the right choice for challenging weighing applications, such as weighing the smallest sample sizes, with exceptional accuracy and a readability of 2 micrograms

XPR Analytical Balance

Save time, money and materials, and invest in a balance that consistently delivers results you can trust.


Efficienct Weighing with Smart Accessories

Optimize your weighing applications with our expertly designed accessories and make daily tasks more efficient and ergonomic. Choose from printers, software, ErgoClips, density kits, antistatic solutions, filter weighing kits, CarePacs and more…

Integrated Anti-Static Device

Eliminate electrostatic charges and avoid one of the largest hidden sources of weighing error. Thanks to our patented  antistatic solutions, XPR balances detect and eliminate electrostatic charges on your sample and weighing vessel.

Easy Cleaning

The new weighing pan with grid structure has several advantages for cleaning. Because the weighing pan has no feedthrough below, any  sample substance which is spilt falls through the grid and is caught by the tray  underneath. The tray can be easily removed and quickly cleaned.


The motorized side door functionality not only simplifies the weighing process but also leads to a considerable increase in efficiency. The doors can be set to different degrees of automation, such as the automatic closing when capturing the weight value or taring the balance.

Intuitive Touchscreen Operation

The color touchscreen user interface provides clear to read icons and enables intuitive balance operation even while wearing gloves. The integrated method functions offers guided workflows to speed up your work and get your daily sample workload done.

Effortless Data Integrity

Connect all your Excellence laboratory instruments to LabX software for full support with regulatory compliance. LabX helps
you meet FDA ALCOA+ requirements for data integrity