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Your Guide to Ensuring Safe and Effective Drug Products

Automated micro-osmometer: an introduction

In recent years, the Biopharmaceutical industry has experienced rapid growth and innovation through many different therapeutic modalities. One of the challenges the industry faces is finding efficient ways to monitor critical quality attributes (CQAs) throughout the bioprocess, such as pH, metabolites, endotoxin levels, product concentration, and osmolality. While the industry moves toward more automated processes, it is of utmost importance to maintain confidence in decision making early in the bioprocess to ensure a safe and effective drug product further down the line.

Download this application note to learn more about how the OsmoTECH® HT can help your lab achieve: 

micro-osmometer cover

  • Ability to test multiple samples in a continuous and consistent way
  • Minimized sample volume
  • Minimal carry-over of sample
  • Decrease sample testing variability
  • Minimized potential for edge effect and evaporation 

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