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Your IP or My IP?

Likely the most successful company to result from university research innovation was Google. But, when such a startup comes out of a university, which party owns the intellectual property (IP) rights?

by Lab Manager
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startup financing cycleThe startup financing cycle is fairly straightforward. But when a startup has been grown out of university innovation, who has the proper claim to IP rights?Kmuehmel, Wikimedia CommonsThat’s the subject of a recent post by Gaurav Singhal and Ananya Dhuddu on business website YourStory.

Singhal and Dhuddu discuss how the number of startups begun from university programs is rising and the policies that have resulted from such business-academic partnerships. They also write about the different ways startups can grow from universities and give some useful insights on the importance of IP in making decisions.

Lastly, they break down ten points to consider when answering the key question of who owns the IP rights when a startup is created from university resources.

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This is definitely an article worth checking out for anyone in the academic or industry world who is looking to start a business from a university program or research as it gives clear tips for how to set solid expectations at the very beginning of such a partnership and avoid any IP-related headaches down the road.

- With files from YourStory