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YSI Introduces TitroLine Family of Titrators

Simple to use without sacrificing accuracy

by YSI
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The new family of Titroline® and Titronic® titrators, burettes, and accessories are designed with innovative features that make this line of titrators simple to use without sacrificing accuracy.

“It was important to us to provide the utmost accuracy, ease of use, and value to our titration customers,” said Christopher Warner, TitroLine product manager. “The TitroLine series offers labs a full suite of instruments, accessories and consumables for all of their titration needs and everything is conveniently available for online ordering.”

The TitroLine and Titronic series includes instruments for automatic, manual, or multitasking titration. An easily viewable full color display, interchangeable burettes, and flexible configuration options are a few of the features that make our titration line so versatile. This adaptability allows us to offer solutions for Food and Beverage, Water Quality, Water Reclamation, Environmental, and Pharmaceutical applications. Our 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, easy-to-use TitriSoft® software supports daily workflow during sample preparation. Multiple communication ports simplify integrating data to a LIMS, networking transfer methods, or connecting to other devices.

A wide range of electrodes, sensors, conductivity cells, solutions, and buffers are available to guarantee ensure the most accurate calibration and measurements.

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