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DiaSorin Molecular Introduces Primer Pair Reagent for Pneumocystis jirovecii

This is DiaSorin’s first fungal infectious disease target

by DiaSorin Molecular
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Cypress, Calif. (September 26, 2017) – DiaSorin Molecular announces the expansion of its menu of molecular reagents with the introduction of a Pneumocystis jirovecii primer pair for use in laboratory-developed molecular tests. This analyte-specific reagent (ASR) can be used for the amplification and detection of the Pneumocystis jirovecii mtLSU gene with a CFR610- and BHQ-2-labeled probe and forward and reverse primers. This is DiaSorin’s first fungal infectious disease target.

The new primer pair joins DiaSorin’s menu of more than 60 molecular reagents that can be used to detect bacterial and viral targets in addition to human genetic mutations. The primer pairs are classified as analyte-specific reagents, which are used by high-complexity laboratories to develop their own lab-developed tests (LDTs).

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“This new primer pair is the result of our ongoing work to develop and deliver a robust menu of molecular products,” said Michelle Tabb, vice president of research and development for DiaSorin Molecular. “With greater access to commercially developed molecular reagents, diagnostic labs are better able to customize tests that meet their unique patient needs.”

About DiaSorin Molecular

DiaSorin Molecular, LLC manufactures and distributes innovative molecular diagnostic products for hospital and reference laboratories. The company’s products help laboratories consolidate their testing, streamline processes, and increase efficiency. DiaSorin Molecular’s Simplexa® molecular diagnostic kits run on the company’s versatile LIAISON® MDX platform. The company provides service and support solutions for its kits and instruments through a global network of offices and distributors. DiaSorin Molecular also markets a range of ASRs (analyte-specific reagents) for use in lab-developed tests.