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2014-15 Product Resource Guide: Centrifuges

Get fun facts about centrifuges, a list of questions to ask when buying centrifuges, the most recent centrifuge releases, and an updated centrifuge manufacturer's list in this section

Top 6 Things You May Not Know About Centrifuges

1. The process of centrifugation can be traced back to the mid-15th century, when hand-driven centrifuge systems were used to separate milk.

2. In 1864, this ad hoc system of milk separation was commercialized by Antonin Prandtl, who developed the first dairy centrifuge for the purpose of separating cream from milk.

3. The potential of the centrifuge in the laboratory setting was first exploited by Friedrich Miescher. In 1869, Miescher used a crude centrifuge system to isolate a cell organelle. This process led to the discovery of an important new class of biological constituents, later to be known as nucleic acids.

4. In 1879, the first continuous centrifugal separator was demonstrated by Gustaf de Laval. This development made the commercialization of the centrifuge a possibility for the first time.

5. Swedish chemist Theodor Svedberg developed the ultracentrifuge in the 1920s, a feat which, along with his studies in the chemistry of colloids, won him the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1926.

6.Interest in the isolation of viruses brought Edward Pickels and Johannes Bauer together to build the first high-speed vacuum centrifuge suitable for the study of filterable viruses. Later, Pickels went on to develop the more convenient, electrically driven ultracentrifuge.

Top 5 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Centrifuge

1. What is the maximum g-force the centrifuge can generate?

2. How does the company’s centrifuge differ from other ones that have the same speed and capacity?

3. What kind of warranty comes with the centrifuge and what does it cover?

4. If the company discontinues the product, for how many years do they provide accessories and parts for the centrifuge?

5. Ask about cost of the purchase—not just the price of the product being installed but the total cost of ownership, which includes price, service expectations, warranty, etc.

Need more help in finding the right centrifuge for you? Check out our Centrifuge Product Finder.

Recently Released Centrifuges & Accessories

Avanti JXN-26 High Performance Centrifuge

  • Offers laboratories a large, intuitive interface and advanced data management features
  • Can be run from an Apple iOS or Android device using MobileFuge, the only mobile application available to run and manage laboratory centrifuges
  • Provides application versatility, with wide rotor compatibility and capacities to 6 L, speeds to 26,000 rpm, and rcf up to 81,700 xg

Beckman Coulter

Sorvall ST 8 and 8R Small Benchtop Centrifuge Series

  • Meet clinical and research protocol needs up to 30,279 x g
  • Available in both ventilated and refrigerated models
  • Maximize capacity—up to 8 x 50 mL conical tubes, 24 x 5/7 mL blood tubes, microplates and microtubes—all in a compact footprint
  • Secure, push-button Thermo Scientific™ Auto-Lock™ rotor exchange delivers trouble-free rotor installation and removal for application flexibility

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Tube 5.0 Centrifuge Tubes

  • Deliver a high-quality solution for volumes up to 5 mL
  • Feature a snap cap for single-hand operation and a compact conical design, removing the contamination risks associated with manipulating small volumes in large tubes
  • Designed for safe and stable centrifugation up to 25,000 x g, eliminating the risk of sample loss when using rapid protocols


Centrifuge Tubes

  • Centrifuge tubes are autoclavable and ideal for sensitive clinical assays, quantitative analysis, quality control, and any other application where optimal yield and minimum sample loss is required
  • Company also produces pipette tips with low adhesion that are scientifically injection molded to minimize liquid retention and ensure optimal sample yield
  • Other high-quality disposable plasticware also available


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