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2014-15 Product Resource Guide: Freeze Dryers

Get fun facts about freeze dryers, a list of questions to ask when buying freeze dryers, the most recent freeze dryer releases, and an updated freeze dryer manufacturer's list in this section.

Top 6 Things You May Not Know About Freeze Dryers

1. Some zoos use freeze dryers to increase the concentration of tranquilizers so that they work for larger animals such as bears or even elephants.

2. Andean civilizations preserved potatoes using a freeze drying (also known as lyophilization) process. This food was called chuño.

3. During the Second World War, serum being sent from the US to Europe for treating wounded soldiers needed to be refrigerated, but because refrigeration technology did not exist in transport vehicles at the time, many serum supplies were spoiling before getting to hospitals. This led to the freeze-drying process being developed for commercial use in order to make serum chemically stable so that, even without refrigeration, it could be transported without going bad.

4. Freeze drying has been used to restore documents that have been damaged by water.

5. Freeze dryers have also been utilized to prepare river-bottom sludge for hydrocarbon analysis and in producing synthetic skin.

6. The restoration of historic/reclaimed boat hulls is another process that uses freeze dryers.

For the Top 5 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Freeze Dryer, click here.

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Recently Released Freeze Dryers

Advantage Pro Laboratory Freeze Dryer

  • Features a new Intellitronics™ controller offering enhanced functionality and intuitive touchscreen navigation
  • One touch start-up and shut down ensure that user’s product and freeze dryer are protected from inadvertent operational procedures
  • Integrated performance and leak testing ensure system is always working optimally
  • Alarm alerts, delivered via email, help notify the user of potential problems with the system

SP Scientific

FreeZone Plus 4.5 Liter Cascade Benctop Freeze Dry System

  • Features an ice holding capacity for light to moderate sample loads and dual refrigeration systems for samples with low eutectic points
  • Collector temperature reaches to -84°C (-119°F)
  • Compact benchtop design includes a 12-Port drying chamber
  • A vacuum pump and sample containers, such as flasks, are the only additional components necessary for a complete system



  • Features trap cooling temperature of up to -45°C
  • Ice holding capacity is 1L/time
  • Safety features include: automatic operation for vacuum pump, monitoring for vacuum degree and trap temperature, stop watch, selecting the setting for power recovery
  • Includes sheet key type, digital display


Revo and Magnum Series

  • Feature an all new Clean In Place (CIP) option
  • Gives users the option to perform a basic rise to remove residue material or a full, multi-stage cleaning cycle using detergent, rinses and even hot air drying phases
  • CIP systems are capable of 95 to 98% coverage of all internal surfaces


Freeze Dryer Manufacturers

SP Scientific