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Product Resource Guide: Lab Furniture

Get fun facts about lab furniture, a list of questions to ask when buying lab furniture, the most recent lab furniture releases, and an updated lab furniture manufacturer's list in this section.

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Top 5 Things You May Not Know About Lab Furniture

1. The most significant trend in modern lab furniture is the move away from fixed casework and lab benches toward modular benches, tables, and worktops.

2. In the past, a laboratory might have been re-tasked once every 30 years, if ever, according to one expert. Then the time frame shortened to every five years. Recently, manufacturers have been seeing some labs whose missions change more than once a year and a good number of construction projects where the lab’s anticipated use changes before the furniture arrives

3. Reducing costs when establishing a new lab or redesigning an old facility is another significant issue in the lab furniture world.

4. Lab designers have moved to less expensive furniture materials, away from epoxy to phenolic materials for benchtops. Phenolics are two-thirds the cost and two-thirds the weight of epoxy but retain 80 percent of epoxy’s chemical stability.

5. The drivers behind lab retasking are changing workflows, the need for layout flexibility, and the changing nature of laboratory science. Thanks to advances in instrumentation and knowledge, scientific projects that several decades ago took years are now completed in a few weeks. Instrumentation has become more compact as well.

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Recently Released Lab Furniture

Resolution Upright System

  • Provides easy accessibility to power, gas or data ports
  • Easily connects to overhead service carriers
  • Allows accessory attachment to all sides of upright
  • Chase size provides ample space for utilities without wasting table top space
  • Makes utility management easy

Sovella USA

Tech Drawer Pull

  • Available in three attractive finishes and are rugged, easy to clean, and dependable
  • Has been carefully designed to stand up to even the roughest working environments
  • Improves safety and appearance by eliminating protruding edges which could snag on clothing
  • A secure fit to the drawer front ensures that the handles remain firmly in place


Panorama Configurable Laboratory Casework Platform

  • Available in wall, peninsula, island and table selections with the option of inset and overlay drawer and door combinations, wood or steel fronts and fixed, suspended or mobile configurations
  • Field convertible, allowing for external changes in color or materials, as well as internal reconfigurations of drawers, doors and shelves
  • Virtually eliminates reconstruction costs and expensive laboratory downtime

Hamilton Scientific

Uniline Lab Furniture

  • Offerings include base cabinets, wall cabinets, countertops, sinks, fixtures, base-tables, mobile work stations, specialty storage cabinets and peg boards
  • Uniline Casework Groupings are designed to incorporate HEMCO’s most popular casework styles in a complete package
  • Services can also include a complete turnkey installation


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