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Purchasing Guides

Purchasing Guide: Biological Safety Cabinets

by Lab Manager
Biological safety cabinets (BSCs) are designed to protect sensitive samples from environmental contaminants and to keep workers safe from the potentially hazardous or infectious samples they are working with

Purchasing Guide: Repair and Maintenance

by Lab Manager
In-house repairs aren’t always possible if none of the lab staff have the expertise needed, and OEM service contracts may not always be the best option. In such cases, third-party service contracts are the best route

Purchasing Guide: Stirrers and Mixers

by Lab Manager
Stirrers and mixers are used for mixing a variety of samples in the lab, and there are numerous options available depending on what you’re mixing and the volume you’re working with

Purchasing Guide: Spectroscopy

by Lab Manager
When purchasing, consider what detection range you will require for your sample type and look for instruments that are sensitive, accurate, and consistent

Purchasing Guide: Sample Preparation

by Lab Manager
Automated sample preparation systems have numerous benefits, such as increasing lab throughput, lessening the margin for error, and minimizing risk of staff developing repetitive strain injuries

Purchasing Guide: PCR/Thermal Cyclers

by Lab Manager
When purchasing technology for PCR and qPCR, consider the accuracy of the temperature and fluorescence measurements, and the robustness of the instrument as it will be running for long periods of time