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2014-15 Product Resource Guide: Titrators

Get fun facts about titrators, a list of questions to ask when buying titrators, the most recent titrator releases, and an updated titrator manufacturer's list in this section.

Top 5 Things You May Not Know About Titration

1. The term "titration" has its origins in the Latin word titulus, which means title or inscription.

2. Titration, also known as volumetric analysis, got its start in France in the late 1700s. In 1791, François-Antoine-Henri Descroizilles developed the first burette.

3. Later, in 1824, Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac coined the terms “burette” and “pipette” and created a better version of the burette that had a side arm.

4. Karl Friedrich Mohr tinkered with the burette further, adding a tip and clamp at the bottom, which helped to make titration an even more popular technique in the lab.

5. The first book on volumetric analysis was written by Karl Heinrich Schwartz and published in 1853.

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Recently Released Titrators

AQUACOUNTER® (AQV-2200S) Volumetric KF Titrator

  • Suited for working in wide moisture range from 100 ppm to 100% water
  • Large touch color screen guides the user from setup to a complete analysis
  • Allows users to run two KF channels in parallel, enabling two different measurements at the same time
  • Unit is rugged, reliable, long lasting and eco-friendly with small volume titration cells requiring only 20mL of titration solvent for accurate measurements

JM Science 

Optrode Optical Sensor

  • Features eight different wavelengths for a wide measuring range, it is 100% solvent resistant thanks to a glass shaft, and it is very easy to handle
  • Can be used on both new and existing Metrohm titration systems as well as on titrators from other manufacturers
  • Applications include photometric titrations in accordance with USP and Ph. Eur. (nonaqueous), and more


InMotion Autosamplers

  • These automated sample changers are designed for titrators, density meters and refractometers
  • Offer excellent productivity in minimal space with flexible solutions for analyses
  • Only 42 centimeters wide, the Flex and Pro series offer professional automation in minimal bench space
  • The Max series can handle more than 300 samples on one 57 centimeter wide sample rack


HI 84500 and HI 84502

  • Designed to measure sulfur dioxide (SO2) and total acidity, parameters essential in the art of wine making
  • Replace HI 84100 and HI 84102 and feature improved accuracy with a high precision piston dosing system and compact, space saving footprint
  • Feature automatic stirrer speed control, a graphic mode with exportable data and a Good Laboratory Practices feature

Hanna Instruments 

Titrator Manufacturers

Crescent Chemical 

Denver Instrument 

GR Scientific 

Hanna Instruments 





Mettler Toledo 


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