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2014-15 Product Resource Guide: Viscometers

Get fun facts about viscometers, a list of questions to ask when buying viscometers, the most recent viscometer releases, and an updated viscometer manufacturer's list in this section.

Top 4 Things You May Not Know About Viscometers

1. The ease of adding ketchup from a squeeze bottle to an order of French fries, the trouble that it takes to press toothpaste out of a tube, and many other common needs depend on viscosity. This is what makes viscometers such an important part of many industries.

2. The options for measuring viscosity are just as numerous as the applications, and growing. Temperature is one of the most exciting trends in viscosity measurement today. Those doing the measuring want to see how far they can push temperature—high and low—and still get reliable data. For now, the desirable range starts higher than 100 degrees Celsius and goes down below –20, with some people looking to drop that even more.

3. Another key trend in viscometers is that people want to take traditional methods and make them faster.

4. In many cases, companies can save money by placing a viscometer in a production line and making measurements in real time.

For the Top 6 Questions You Should Ask When Buying a Viscometer, click here.

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Recently Released Viscometers

DV2T™ Viscometer

  • Touchscreen display provides an easy user interface
  • Comes with integrated temperature probe for viscosity vs. temperature profiling tests
  • Offers powerful new programming capabilities and results analysis including data averaging and QC limits with alarms

Brookfield Engineering 

M-VROCi Viscometer/Rheometer on a Chip

  • Provides measurement for low viscosity industrial fluids, under conditions that reflect those that apply during end-product use
  • Features completely enclosed measurement for safe and reliable analysis of highly volatile or environmentally-sensitive samples
  • Generates accurate viscosity data using sample volumes as low as 50 μL
  • Also boasts a wide dynamic range, easy sample loading and repeatable, accurate measurement


SpectroVisc Q3050 Portable Kinematic Viscometer

  • Enables immediate determination of lubricant viscosity in the field
  • Measurement range extends from 1cSt-680cSt at 40°C
  • Can calculate 100°C viscosity values with the input of the VI index
  • Allows measurement of kinematic viscosity using only a few drops (60μL) of oil
  • Requires no solvents for cleaning sampling cell surfaces


M-VROC Viscometer

  • Now equipped with the highest resolution to detect and measure intrinsic viscosity, a capability indispensable for all bio/pharma and polymer applications
  • Provides easy and fast intrinsic viscosity measurement, requiring just 20 microliters and takes only a few minutes
  • New capability especially suits applications related to polymerization, degradation, interaction, and the stability of molecules


Viscometer Manufacturers

A&D Weighing

Anton Paar 

ATS Rheo Systems 

Brookfield Engineering 

Cannon Instrument Company 




Petrolab Company 



Stony Brook Scientific 

Wyatt Technologies