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2016 Product Resource Guide: Freeze Dryers/Lyophilizers

What are the most important things to keep in mind when buying a freeze dryer?

by Lab Manager

5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Freeze Dryer

  1. Do you want to freeze dry in flasks, tubes, or bulk?
  2. What solvents are you using?
  3. Do you need to stopper under vacuum?
  4. How much sample in liters will you run?
  5. Is this a shared freeze dryer? A hybrid pump is recommended to prevent damage to the pump.

Which Freeze Dryer Is In Your Lab?

Manifold Benchtop 34%
Manifold Console 26%
Shelf Benchtop 23%
Non-Sterile Production 19%
Dry Ice Benchtop 17%
Shelf Console 9%
Sterile Production 8%
Other 4%

Top 10 Features/Factors Respondents Look For When Purchasing a Freeze Dryer

Product performance for intended application 81%
Ease of Use 68%
Low maintenance/operating costs 68%
Reliability under high performance 61%
Price 60%
Service and support 49%
Accurate vacuum control 49%
Warranty 43%
Ease of installation 40%
Energy efficiency 27%


Looking For a New Freeze Dryer?

Lab Manager’s Freeze Dryer Product Finder utilizes a query-based system to quickly narrow the field of available freeze dryers to those that specifically meet the requirements demanded by your application.