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2016 Product Resource Guide: Mass Spectrometers

Mass spectrometers are used for a wide array of analyses from food safety to forensics. Use this guide to help you start the process of choosing the right instrument for your lab.

by Lab Manager

mass spec sample6 Questions to Ask When Buying a Mass Spectrometer

  1. What factors come into play when determining the MS specifications you require in terms of throughput, sensitivity, robustness, software control, ease of use, and ease of maintenance?
  2. What differentiates the vendor’s MS from others offered, in terms of performance, ease of operation, and the ability to upgrade to meet future or changing application requirements?
  3. How do you validate the specification claims presented by the vendor?
  4. Has the data processing software been designed for enhanced analytics, with lab workflow in mind and does it support critical compliance requirements?
  5. What are important price points to keep in mind when selecting an MS?
  6. What does the company offer in your area in terms of effective distribution of spare parts, instruments, service personnel, technical support, and education/training?

What Is Your Field of Study as an MS User?

Environmental 22%
Food Safety and Testing Analysis 14%
Forensics Analysis 10%
Drug Discovery 9%
Proteomics 8%
Clinical Testing 7%
Biomarker and Omics Research 6%
Geology 1%
Other 19%

Top 10 Features/Factors Respondents Look For When Purchasing a Mass Spectrometer

Reliability 95%
Ease of maintenance 90%
High sensitivity 88%
Higher quality of data 85%
High mass accuracy 84%
High mass resolution 83%
Data output, storage, and retrival 81%
Warranties 77%
Availability of techniques 76%
Training 71%