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2016 Product Resource Guide: Microwave Digestion

Important resources for when you need to buy a new microwave digestion system

by Lab Manager

5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Microwave Digestion System

  1. How user-friendly is the system?QLABProQuestron QLABPro
  2. What kind of after-sales support does the manufacturer provide?
  3. How many samples can be processed per run?
  4. What kind of monitoring and control options does the system provide?
  5. What is the system’s maximum microwave power output?

What do You Use Microwave Digestion for?

Analyzing Metals 37%
Trace Metal Analysis 27%
Biological Sample Analysis 13%
Material Analysis 7%
Oil and Lubricant Analysis 7%
Soil Analysis 3%
Other 7%

Top 10 Features/Factors Respondents Look For When Purchasing a Microwave Digester

High durability 93%
Service and support 81%
Intuitive controls and software 72%
Low maintenance 60%
Price 60%
Vendor reputation 56%
Small footprint 55%
High sample weight capacity 54%
Short cool-down time 44%
Speed of heating 38%