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2016 Product Resource Guide: pH Meters

pH is an important measurement in a variety of applications. Get some helpful tips for buying a pH meter here.

by Lab Manager

6 Questions to Ask When Buying a pH Meter

  1. What makes the company different from other pH meter companies?
  2. What is the replacement cost for a pH electrode?
  3. What accessories are included with the meter and what is the complete cost of all the accessories you’ll need?
  4. What type of connector does the meter use? Is it a BNC or DIN? Is it proprietary or can other manufacturer’s probes be used with it?
  5. What additional types of features are offered?
  6. What type of after sales support is offered? Can repairs be done locally and what is the general turnaround time for a repair?

What Kind of pH Meter is in Your Lab?

Benchtop - pH only 58%
Benchtop - multi parameter 49%
Portable - pH only 30%
Portable - multi parameter 5%
In-line - pH only 19%
In-line - multi parameter 2%

Top 10 Features/Factors Respondents Look For When Purchasing a pH Meter

Resolution and accuracy of the meter 87%
Ease of use 86%
Low maintenance/easy-to-clean 76%
Auto-calibration with temperature compensation 57%
Availability of supplies and accessories 56%
Heavy-duty and waterproof 48%
Longer-lived refillable electrode type 47%
Warranty 45%
Multi-level LCD display; display current measurement simultaneously with the current temperature 45%
Service and support 45%


Looking for a New pH Meter?

Lab Manager’s pH Meter Product Finder utilizes a query-based system to quickly narrow the field of available pH meters to those that specifically meet the requirements demanded by your application.