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24/7 Unattended Evaporation

24/7 Unattended Evaporation

Scaling up your evaporator, so you can go about your business

by Heidolph
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A larger scale rotary evaporator processes significantly more product than a benchtop rotary evaporator. The size of the evaporating flask can range from 20 to 50 to even 100 liters in size. In addition to this speeding up the amount of product that can be processed, the evaporation process itself is also quicker. This leads to emptying and refilling the evaporating flask often. With larger scale units, two people may be needed to replace the evaporating flask, which can be burdensome and time consuming, losing essential evaporation times. Next, someone must always be present to monitor the process and ensure that the receiving and evaporating flasks are being drained at the proper times. If one wants to run a distillation overnight, the only way to do so is to ensure that someone is on site running the machine.

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