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7 Ways to Help Your Employees Keep Their New Year's Resolutions

If life was easy, New Years resolutions would be much easier to keep.

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If life was easy, New Year’s resolutions would be much easier to keep. Some of the most popular resolutions sound attainable in principle, but in a few short weeks the everyday inconveniences, ineluctable temptations, and continual hustle and bustle will have most people thinking “next year.”

According to Albrecht Powell’s article, Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions, the most popular resolutions include:

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      1. Spend More Time with Family & Friends
      2. Fit in Fitness
      3. Tame the Bulge
      4. Quit Smoking
      5. Enjoy Life More
      6. Quit Drinking
      7. Get Out of Debt
      8. Learn Something New
      9. Help Others
      10. Get Organized

As a manager, you might think it’s in your own best interest to improve in some of these areas yourself, which could very well be true. But there’s a flip-side to it as well. You may be able to improve your productivity at work by finding a better work-health-life balance, but the same can be said for your employees.

So how can you do your part to help your employees keep their New Year’s Resolutions?

The Canadian HR Reporter recommends incorporating a wellness program to support employee resolutions. The effectiveness of your program can reward your company through “increased morale, reduced disability costs and workplace absences.”

Below are the 7 tips the Canadian HR Reporter recommends to help employees achieve a work-health-life balance:

1. Offer flexible working arrangements.
2. Reduce excessive workloads.
3. Provide gym memberships or flexibility in the schedule to allow employees to go to the gym.
4. Accommodate staff requests to attend classes for professional development.
5. Encourage staff-run programs for a healthier workplace, such as walking clubs.
6. Provide incentives for staff seeking a healthier lifestyle, such as gift certificate to use towards gym classes or cash for staff who successfully quit smoking.
7. Lead by example and bring in a basket of fruit for meetings rather than donuts.