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96-Well Equilibrium Dialysis Plate

Ideal for high throughput ligand binding experiments

by Harvard Apparatus
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QuikPrep 96-Well Equilibrium Plate The QuikPrep 96-Well Equilibrium Dialysis Plate is ideal for high throughput ligand binding experiments including serum protein binding, protein-drug binding, protein-protein binding and protein-DNA binding assays.

Our patented design consists of two chambers separated by individual membranes, eliminating the possibility of cross contamination. Available in of 5kDa or 10kDa MWCO’s, the high quality regenerated cellulose membrane allows for excellent sample recovery. Designed for small volume samples, each chamber can hold 50 - 250 µl of sample or buffer. The standard plate footprint and well spacing meet the requirements for automation.

The 96-Well Equilibrium Plate must be under 360° vertical rotation to achieve equilibrium. To accommodate this need QuikPrep also offers single arm and dual arm plate rotators as well as an 8-plate rotating incubator for temperature controlled studies.

Key Features:

  • Individual membranes in each well
  • Small sample volumes, 50 – 250 µl
  • Ultra-thin regenerated cellulose membrane
  • >95% sample recovery
  • High well to well reproducibility

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