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How it Works: A Crevice-Free Display and Keyboard Mounting System

As computer interfaces become more prevalent in the healthcare industry, the deficiencies of traditional office mounting products are becoming more of a concern.

by Strongarm Designs
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Problem: As computer interfaces become more prevalent in the healthcare industry, the deficiencies of traditional office mounting products are becoming more of a concern. Typical display and keyboard mounting products have been designed for the office and home environment. While these products provide ergonomic articulation, they aren’t up to the increased durability and cleanability demands of the healthcare environment. Loose cables and crevice-filled designs make these units impossible to clean, while the lightweight construction, acceptable for the office environment, doesn’t stand up to the rigors of a clean room or lab environment.

The Strongarm Designs CleanMount system.

Solution: A crevice-free display and keyboard mounting system that also provides an industrial-strength, ergonomic, PC-based solution in environments where cleanability is a priority can help solve these challenges. The CleanMount by Strongarm Designs is the first example of such a system.

Such a system improves cleanability in two ways. The first is the concealment of all display, keyboard, pointer, and power cables. Rather that hanging loosely off the back of the various components, the cables are all run through the main body of the mounting system. Specially designed sealed displays and keyboards are integrated into the mounting system such that their cables run directly into the system with no connections exposed. The second way cleanability is improved is through a smooth exterior surface that is free of crevices and sharp corners. The curved surfaces throughout the unit discourage the accumulation of air-borne particulates, and the entire unit can be easily wiped down.

Durability and safety is another concern addressed by mounting systems such as the CleanMount. Unlike officegrade products, which are made primarily from plastic, the CleanMount, in particular, is built from cast aluminum alloy to withstand the rigors of more demanding environments. Mounting systems also provide a greater degree of ergonomic adjustment. For example, the CleanMount unit provides 16”of vertical counterbalanced adjustment allowing for simple one-hand positioning. The display can be tilted and also rotated 340 degrees, while the Clean- Mount itself features 180 degrees of swiveling articulation on the mounting end. This maneuverability allows the interface to be placed in the most comfortable position, whether the operator is standing, sitting, or moving around. The entire unit locks in place for safety, and the CleanMount specifically can be folded to a compact 7” when not in use to save space.

Mounting systems can be configured to the exact requirements of the user’s application. Component selections include a wide range of displays in various sizes, with or without touchscreen technology. Keyboard selections range from sealed, mechanical switch keyboards to slide-out work surfaces. Systems like the CleanMount can be mounted on a rail system, directly to the wall, or anywhere else an interface is needed; they also offer a variety of optional extensions that allow them to be installed and made easily accessible in many environments.

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