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Achieve the Highest Quality Terpenes with Microwave Extraction

Achieve the Highest Quality Terpenes with Microwave Extraction

Learn more about highly efficient microwave processing of terpenes

by Milestone

As the cannabis industry matures, it creates additional opportunities for cannabis processors and growers for both medicinal and recreational use. Originally, cannabis processors focused on designing efficient extraction processes to maximize the THC and CBD extraction, while other key molecules were not considered, such as the strain-specific terpenes in the plant. Many cannabis extract producers, understand that during their extraction procedures terpenes are lost or degraded, losing a pivotal component of the plant. To address the limitations of the conventional extraction techniques, Milestone has developed and patented the ETHOS X for the Microwave Green Extraction of Natural Products. 

This white paper provides a step-by-step guide on how to boost the efficiency of terpene extraction from cannabis plants.