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Adam Equipment: Eclipse Analytical Balances

Join lab manager Linda as she reviews Adam Equipment's new Eclipse Analytical Balance

by Lab Manager

Created for scientists and researchers, Eclipse analytical balances offer capacities of 100g to 310g and readabilities of 0.1mg. A capacitive touch keypad provides intuitive navigation of the functions and features. To ensure exceptional visibility, the Eclipse features one of the largest LCD readouts in the industry, displaying sizeable white digits on a dark background. Clear, discernible symbols and multilingual text enable easy operation, while prompts simplify even the most complex activities. The Eclipse’s innovative design results in a compact footprint, so the balance occupies minimal space on the laboratory work bench. Connectivity, whether it’s basic data printing or advanced communication with a LIMS, is achieved with USB and RS-232 interfaces. Printouts with time, date, and other information are provided to comply with GLP requirements. Eclipse models offer the choice of internal or external calibration.

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