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Agilent Crosslab - From Insight to Outcome

Laboratories today face complex scientific and business challenges that require key insights into laboratory operations.

by Agilent Technologies

Agilent CrossLab Enterprise Asset Management services provide these insights through a portfolio of services that enable your organization to improve scientific and business outcomes across a local, regional or global laboratory enterprise. Three of the services in the Enterprise Asset Management services portfolio are described below.

Equipment Inventory Management

Effective equipment management strategies start with an accurate inventory of your laboratory assets. From pipettes to LC/MS systems, Agilent CrossLab Inventory Management Services provide you with a verified, up-to-date equipment registry that enables you to:

  • Accurately track and manage laboratory equipment
  • Improve inventory accuracy, without impacting staff or workflows
  • Save time and resources required for inventory audits and cGXP inventory management

Equipment Utilization Reporting

Push the performance of your laboratory equipment. Agilent CrossLab Lab Equipment Utilization Reporting Services evaluate what your equipment is capable of producing compared to what it actually produces by enabling you to:

  • Optimize workload capacity by monitoring lab-wide peak operating levels and daily use averages
  • Balance workflows by measuring workload variability across the lab and workload distribution across instruments
  • Establish historical equipment usage trends to aid in scheduling service events

Laboratory Business Intelligence

Better decisions start with better intelligence. Agilent CrossLab Laboratory Business Intelligence (LBI) Services give your managers and executives access to the information they require to:

  • Answer key questions about laboratory equipment, workflows and cycle times
  • Measure and assess technology, productivity and economic performance of the laboratory enterprise
  • Identify opportunities to leverage lab resources and equipment across multiple lab sites

From insights to outcomes

Agilent CrossLab Enterprise Asset Management services can help you successfully address complex scientific and business challenges and meet your organization’s scientific and business goals, with a comprehensive portfolio of service and support options.

Enterprise Asset Management Services

  • Laboratory Operation Support
  • Holistic Asset Management
  • Scientfic and Business Outcomes

Agilent CrossLab Enterprise Asset Management Services focused on your goals. 

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