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Agilent Introduces New ICP-MS Water Analyzer Solution

Fully integrated solution increases productivity of environmental labs

by Agilent Technologies
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Agilent Technologies Inc. introduced a new turnkey solution for analyzing water quality. The Agilent ICP-MS Water Analyzer enables environmental laboratories to set up and run regulated methods in a matter of days rather than weeks or even months.

The new water analyzer package represents an end-to-end workflow for analyzing water quality based on regulations established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the International Organization for Standardization.

"This all-in-one package will change how laboratories approach method development and implementation of water analysis using ICP-MS," said Phil Binns, vice president, and general manager of Agilent's Spectroscopy Division. "It will allow customers to reduce ramp-to-revenue times and save costs associated with method implementation as well as staff training and re-training."

The Agilent ICP-MS Water Analyzer includes:

  • An Agilent 7800 ICP-MS system and required peripherals.
  • New browser-based ICP Go Software to set up and control ICP-MS methods.
  • Preset method templates, consumables, and documented operating procedures.
  • ICP-MS implementation services that set up a proven method to agreed-upon performance criteria and trains the analysts on site.

"This new water analyzer package demonstrates Agilent's ongoing commitment to making life easier for our customers, enabling them to meet both their business and application needs," Binns added.

He noted that ICP-MS is often regarded as a complicated and difficult technique.

"There's tuning, calibration, and interferences to work out—and that's before you consider the requirements of water testing regulations," he said. "The Agilent ICP-MS Water Analyzer simplifies all that."