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Agilent Technologies Introduces Transformational Technology for Gas Chromatography

New intuitive GC solution improves user experience

by Agilent Technologies
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SANTA CLARA, Calif.– Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today (Aug. 30) introduced a new addition to its industry-leading line of gas chromatographs. The Agilent Intuvo 9000 GC solution offers users new innovative technology that will help laboratories meet operational, scientific and financial goals. 

Agilent Intuvo 9000 GCAgilent's Intuvo 9000 GC.Designed together with customers, for customers, the Intuvo 9000 makes complex technology easy to use. Click-and-run connections eliminate ferrules, guard-chip technology extends column life, and the trim-free column eliminates retention time shifts due to column trimming maintenance. 

With Intuvo Flow Technology chips and Smart ID Keys, the Intuvo 9000 system self-identifies installed components and self-configures methods.  Operations like mid-column backflush are made routine by eliminating complex setup and extra calculators. 

The touchscreen user interface provides quick access to system status and real-time data, and it guides the user through routine maintenance operations. Connection via smartphone or tablet notifies laboratory managers remotely of system status. 

The new system, especially when coupled with mass spectrometry, is ideal for high-throughput contract laboratories, and for labs dealing with challenging sample matrices in fields such as food, environmental, chemical, pharma, and forensics testing. 

“We began this innovation journey by listening carefully to our customers around the world,” said Shanya Kane, Agilent vice president and general manager of the company’s gas chromatography division. “The Agilent Intuvo 9000 GC system is so intelligent it will make lab technicians feel like GC experts. Lab managers will appreciate the boost in productivity, and business owners will enjoy improved financial outcomes.” 

“Agilent has been the market leader in GC for the past 50 years” said Mike McMullen, Agilent president and CEO. “With this heritage, coupled with an extensive network of industry partnerships and market experts, Agilent was uniquely positioned to take another leap forward by putting this transformational technology in the hands of our customers.”