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ali-Q™ 2 is an All-in-One Pipetting Solution

Innovative technology improves speed and accuracy for repeat pipetting using serological pipets

ali-Q™ 2 is an All-in-One Pipetting Solution

ali-Q™ 2 is an all-in-one pipetting solution.

by VistaLab Technologies
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Q: Is there an affordable solution that improves both the speed and accuracy of repeat pipetting?

A standard pipet controller is used to aspirate and dispense macro volumes of liquid. While it is possible to repeatedly pipet the same volume over and over, the accuracy of each multidispense depends on the skill of the user to carefully observe the graduation lines on the pipet. Loss of efficiency and productivity result. Positive displacement repeat pipettors may be used to provide greater accuracy and relative speed, however, the cost of the pipettor plus the necessary tips can be prohibitive. 

A:The ali-Q™ 2 Series of aliquoting pipet controllers improves the speed and accuracy of repeat pipetting tasks while providing conventional pipetting capability.

The innovative ali-Q™ 2 serological pipet controller technology supports both conventional and repeat pipetting tasks providing a 2-in-1 pipettor to improve the speed and accuracy of liquid handling. The ali-Q™ 2 eliminates the need to observe the graduation lines on the pipet during repeat pipetting by multi-dispensing any volume up to five mL with the push of a unique aliquoting button. In addition to improving speed and productivity, repeatedly dispensing a set volume semi-automatically ensures greater accuracy and eliminates the risk of variation between aliquots that can occur with manual dispensing. The Variable Speed (VS) model enables users to set the aliquot dispense speed based on the application and there is no need to purchase special tips, meaning ali-Q™ 2 provides the all-in-one affordable pipetting solution.

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