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April 2014 Technology News

This month we highlight vendors who will be exhibiting at the 114th general meeting of the American Society for Microbiology (asm2014) and Experimental Biology (EB 2014). 

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Experimental Biology is an annual multidisciplinary, scientific meeting comprised of over 14,000 scientists and exhibitors representing six sponsoring societies and multiple guest societies. It takes place April 26-30 at the San Diego Convention Center. asm2014, which takes place at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center May 17-20, will showcase the central role of microbes in the biosphere.


Industrial FT-NIR Spectrometer

MB3600-CH70 Polyol Analyzer

  • Intended for chemical industry laboratories that perform a large number of daily measurements for QA/QC analysis or at-line process support
  • Particularly adapted for applications in the fields of polyols and polyurethanes
  • Maintenance-free bench analyzer enables fast determination of several quality properties in liquid chemicals
  • Features a set of pre-loaded calibration models with operator interface for immediate OH value determination


Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer

Isoprime VisION

  • Simplifies the analysis of light element stable isotopes (carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, oxygen and hydrogen) within a broad range of disciplines
  • Can interface to an elemental analyzer or gas chromatograph for analyses within the fields of geochemistry, ecology, climate change, petrochemicals, agriculture, forensics, pharmaceuticals and environmental remediation
  • Includes user-friendly ionOS software which has several new, built-in features

Elementar Americas 

Elemental Analyzer

Model 440

  • Manual version now available
  • Determines percentage levels of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen (CHN) quickly, easily and reliably across a wide range of sample types
  • Offers labs running smaller numbers of samples a no-compromise entry point into high performance CHN analysis
  • Horizontal furnace design enables easy removal of sample residue between each material analysis, thereby eliminating the possibility of contamination

Exeter Analytical 

Source for Dart MS

DART®-QS Source

  • Provides a protective environment for Direct Analysis in Real Time (DART) mass spectrometry of a range of materials
  • Allows both qualitative and quantitative results to be obtained in as little as 10 seconds per sample, providing rapid feedback, and alleviating backlogs
  • Allows automated direct sample analysis of up to 12 samples with disposable QuickStrip™ Sample Cards


Ammonia Analyzer


  • Measures ammonium-nitrogen (NH4-N) swiftly, accurately and easily and can be used by non-experts
  • Features a wide measurement range from low to high end with accurate measurement and is not interfered by turbidity or color of the sample
  • Requires only a small volume of sample (0.1mL, 1mL or 10mL) and calibration is not needed prior to the sample run

JM Science 

Benchtop Spectrometers

Epsilon 3X

  • Equipped with 50 kV excitation and the latest highresolution silicon drift detector enabling analysis of elements from sodium up to americium
  • Epsilon 3XLE is configured with the even more powerful SDDUltra silicon drift detector that makes analysis of ultra-light elements like carbon, nitrogen and oxygen possible
  • Provide highly accurate and precise, fully traceable data


LC-MS/MS Columns

Raptor™ ARC-18

  • Offer a well-balanced retention profile without the drawbacks of using an ordinary C18 in the harsh, acidic mobile phases needed for mass spectrometry
  • Even after extended use in these low-pH (≤ 2.0) conditions, the sterically protected ARC-18 offers consistent retention, peak shape, and response for charged bases, neutral acids, small polar compounds, and more


HPLC/UHPLC Columns for Glycan Analysis

GlycanPac AXR-1
BOOTH 725 

  • Offers extremely high-resolution separations based on charge, isomerism, and size
  • Designed to facilitate both high resolution glycan profile characterization and quantification
  • Help users achieve greater resolution of glycans using HPLC, providing easier profile characterization
  • Also designed for excellent resolution of labeled and unlabeled glycans, and are compatible with fluorescence and mass spectrometry detection methods

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Product Spotlight

Biologics Breakthrough

New instrument links CE technology to mass spectrometry to help biopharma scientists

Drug development will get a boost with the release of AB Sciex’s new CESI 8000 system for biologics characterization at Pittcon 2014. The system uses a breakthrough technology called CESI-MS which will allow biopharmaceutical scientists to more accurately predict efficacy, reduce the time to market for new therapeutics, and proactively detect potential issues before they lead to expensive product recalls.

“With CESI-MS, we are establishing a new benchmark of improved system performance for routine biologics analysis in a way that allows CESI to be easily integrated into existing workflows in biopharmaceutical laboratories,” said Jeff Chapman, director of the CE business within SCIEX Separations, a part of AB Sciex. “This is innovation delivered to help save more lives and address the unmet needs of our customers in biopharma.”

CESI marks a novel combination of capillary electrophoresis (CE) and electrospray ionization (ESI) technologies. The CESI-MS workflow includes the industry’s first commercially available ultra-low-flow separation and ESI module for biologics, along with a high-performance, high-resolution, accurate mass instrument that is ideal for biopharmaceutical development—the fastest-growing segment of the drug discovery and development sector.

The instrument also uses a single approach that increases efficiency and productivity, to provide orthogonal and/or superior results compared to dual-method liquid chromatography / mass spectrometry-based approaches.

“The new CESI system complements our AB Sciex ‘quantitation by design’ approach, which puts the power of highly accurate quantitative analysis of large molecules into the hands of biopharma scientists,” said Joe Fox, senior director of the pharmaceutical business at AB Sciex.

That power will help lead to drugs with fewer side effects and new clinical tests for patients.

For more information, visit 

Basic Lab

Ceiling Mounted Air Filtration Units

Purair SKY

  • Designed to protect laboratory personnel and the environment in areas where hazardous substances are handled
  • Features a dynamic filtration chamber with a sliding filter clamp that allows for simple, quick filter changes
  • Come with an epoxy coated steel support frame with LED lighting and wall mounted controls
  • Two models are available

Air Science 

Four-channel Peristaltic Pump


  • Allows users to individually control the flow of each channel from the keypad or via computer
  • Each channel also offers bidirectional flow for even more versatility
  • Micropump delivers continuous pumping or precision dispensing up to 35 mL/min
  • Independent channel calibration minimizes tubeto- tube differences, resulting in high calibration accuracy
  • Easy-to-use tubing cassettes enable fast changeovers


Gas Distribution & Management System

544 Series IntelliSwitch IIv

  • Automatically switches between two high-pressure, high-flow gases to provide interchangeable service and continuous supply
  • Offers reliable high-flow, high-pressure switching in demanding applications and environments
  • Proprietary economization software virtually eliminates liquid cylinder vent loss and substantially reduces residual return
  • Web server allows for remote monitoring and e-mail notification of events to users


Microfluidic System


  • For high throughput droplet, particle, and flow product generation
  • Benefits a wide range of applications including: DNA, cell and bead encapsulation and screening, emulsion and foam generation, microparticle and nanoparticle synthesis and micro-reaction engineering
  • Clamp Module at the heart of the system holds a 2 Reagent Chip with 7 microfluidic channels


Ammonia & Cyanide Collection System


  • Allows users to perform cyanide and ammonia distillations following established US EPA and Standard Methods methodology
  • Design replaces much of the fragile glassware used in other systems with disposable collection traps and other consumables, reducing labor associated with maintenance and clean up
  • Only glassware required is the boiling tube

Environmental Express 

Handheld Serial Pipette

Repeater M4
Booth 1101 

  • Designed to minimize the time and effort required for precise and highly accurate repeat dispensing tasks
  • Works with nine sizes of Eppendorf Combitips advanced® and a built-in sensor detects the Combitips automatically, showing the tip volume
  • Can dispense volumes from 1 μL to 10 mL and completes as many as 100 operations without refill


Non-Destructive Evaporation Technology


  • Enables a wide range of solvents and multiple actives to be evaporated all at the same slow rate, and under the same conditions, giving the user excellent control of the crystallization process
  • Achieved using a special holder which allows the unit to be configured to slow the evaporation rate of each solvent
  • eXalt holders can accept up to 24 different samples


3D Surface Metrology Solution


  • Is a combined confocal and interferometric optical profiler and provides the benefits of both technologies: high definition confocal microscopy for high lateral resolution and interferometry to reach sub-nanometer vertical resolution
  • Features lateral resolution up to 140 nm via confocal microscopy and vertical resolution of up to 0.1 nm with interferometry
  • Easy to set up and use


Preparation Device

Smart VacPrep

  • Provides high-throughput sample preparation with six independently controlled ports
  • Preprogrammed ramp rates and temperatures allow for quick startup
  • Allows users to create SOP methods through customizable degassing protocols with Windows software
  • Programmable pressure threshold can suspend the temperature ramp if the outgassing pressure exceeds the amount specified
  • Status indicators at each port allow instant identification of completed sample degas routines


Light Source


  • Compact, high-intensity source for spectroscopy combines deuterium and tungsten halogen sources in a single optical path
  • Produces stable output across the UV-VIS-NIR from 200-2500 nm
  • Suited to demanding applications in the quality control and life science industries, especially fiber probe-based measurements where light throughput is a challenge, and absorbance measurements of high optical density solutions

Ocean Optics 

Manual Pipettes

Ovation® M

  • Combine the ergonomic performance of VistaLab’s Ovation design, with a conventional analog volume setting capability
  • Contoured shape and adjustable hook means a custom fit for every user in the laboratory
  • Unique design promotes ergonomically-correct posture during pipetting, such as neutral forearm and wrist positions, which allow muscle groups to function freely without restriction or stress


Cell Culture

Low Adhesion Plates and Dishes

BOOTH 1423 

  • Shown in cited research to be one of the most effective tools for state-of-the-art 3D spheroid cell culture
  • Available in 384-well format optimized for drug screening or other high throughput applications
  • High biocompatibility of the coating on these plates and dishes means cells will not adhere to the surface
  • Different well-shapes are available for 96-well plates


Chemicals, Reagents & Kits

Reagent Solutions


  • Expand the volume range measurable with Artel’s line of DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) products
  • For use with the company’s MVS® Multichannel Verification System and Liquid Handler Performance Verification Service
  • Enable users to accurately calibrate and verify their liquid handlers when dispensing DMSO-based solutions
  • The Artel reagents now cover all volumes less than 10 μL


Antibody Labeling Kits

BOOTH 136 (at Experimental Bio)
BOOTH 607 (at asm2014)

  • Provide a simple antibody conjugation solution for labeling microscale amounts (50–100 μg) of antibody
  • Suited for researchers interested in labeling their own antibodies for flow cytometry and cell sorting applications
  • Allow researchers to label their antibodies in two easy steps
  • Protocol takes only 70 minutes, and the labels are as bright and photostable as traditional dyes


Certified Solutions of Phenethylamines


  • 14 new certified solutions of phenethylamines now available
  • Suitable for numerous applications in GC/MS or LC-MS/MS testing from urine drug monitoring and forensic testing to clinical toxicology analysis
  • Provides the testing community with up-to-date, accurate reference standards for new and emerging drugs of abuse in a convenient USDEA exempt format


DNA-enrichment kits


  • Provides reliable and extremely sensitive detection of cancer-related mutations
  • Fully compatible with industry standard instruments and DNA extraction methods
  • Highly specific and efficient in amplifying the target sequence, while simultaneously suppressing amplification of the wild-type
  • Detect mutations for cancer biomarkers including: BRAF, KRAS, EGFR, NRAS and JAK2

EKF Diagnostics 

High Sensitivity ELISA Kit

Amp’d™ HSP70

  • Enables detection of both baseline and upregulated levels of Hsp70 (Hsp72) and relies on small amounts of starting sample
  • Features greatly improved sensitivity enabling detection of both baseline and upregulated/stressed level of Hsp70 (Hsp72)
  • Can be used to quantify human, mouse and rat Hsp70 (Hsp72) in serum and plasma samples

Enzo Life Sciences 

Kits and Reagents for Gene-Editing


  • Enable easier, robust implementation of CRISPR and rAAV gene editing experiments
  • Comprise both off-the-shelf reagents for using CRISPR editing technology and a unique kit combination of these reagents to allow customers to generate their own CRISPR-ready cell lines that constitutively express Cas9-nickase
  • Horizon is also launching a new service for the design, manufacture and validation of CRISPR RNA guides

Horizon Discovery 

Lab Automation

Benchtop Decapping, Capping, & ID Devices

BOOTH 1515 (Hamilton Company) 

  • Offer laboratories an easy and efficient way to automatically process and track samples while ensuring sample integrity
  • Quickly process all common labware types, providing a flexible solution for optimizing workflows
  • Three models are available to meet a user’s application, throughput and sample tracking needs: the LabElite I.D. Capper™, LabElite DeCapper™, and LabElite I.D. Reader™

Hamilton Storage 

Nanoliter Pipetting Arm

MultiChannel Arm™ (MCA) 384

  • Offers higher productivity to automated liquid handling processes in pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications
  • Can be mounted onto Tecan’s Freedom EVO® 100, 150 or 200 liquid handling workstations
  • Increases the efficiency and speed of pipetting processes for higher throughput as well as delivering a greater level of flexibility
  • Quickly switches from one tip array to another


PCR Software Wizard

TouchTools™ PCR Wizard

  • An easy-to-use Freedom EVOware® add-on offering straightforward automation of PCR reaction setup on Freedom EVO® platforms
  • Simplifies the set-up of applications— including end-point, real-time and multiplex PCR, sequencing, genotyping and gene expression, as well as pathogen and mutagenesis detection
  • Helps reduce training time and costs
  • Allows users to quickly and easily optimize 96- and 384-well PCR plate layouts


Life Science

FFPE Tissue Samples

BOOTH 1423 

  • Available as tissue slides and whole blocks, samples are delivered with the mutation and variation data for 48 cancer-related genes including BRAF, KRAS, EGFR, ALK and TP53
  • Provide researchers with an excellent medium for applications including validation of cancer marker mutation related drug candidates, companion diagnostic assay development, and much more
  • Available from several tumor tissue types


Particle Sizing and Counting Analyzer


  • Features a new 10-micron aperture that enables users to obtain accurate count, size and mass distribution for particles and cells ranging from 0.2 to 1,600 microns
  • Digital Pulse Processing provides high-resolution analysis in as many as 400 channels
  • Delivers dynamic size measurements in real time
  • Compliant with 21 CFR Part 11

Beckman Coulter 

Flow Cytometer

guava easyCyte™ 12
BOOTH 229 (at Experimental Bio 2014)
BOOTH 924 (at asm2014)

  • Gives users a simple benchtop method for multicolor flow cytometry
  • Provides 12 simultaneous detection parameters, including 10 fluorescent colors
  • Significantly increases the analytical power of flow cytometry
  • Consumes less sample and generates less waste
  • Easier to maintain than traditional systems, allowing researchers to save time and money while conducting comprehensive cell analysis

EMD Millipore 

Biobanking Tubes


  • Provide a solution for high-throughput sample storage in automated storage systems
  • Feature a 30% reduction in height as compared to standard cryo tubes, allowing for an optimized utilization of available space in deep freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks
  • Available in volumes of 300 μl, 600 μl and 1000 μl and are supplied in automation-friendly cryo racks

Greiner Bio-One 

384-well Reagent Reservoirs

BOOTH 1029

  • Fully compatible with all liquid handling systems including the VIAFLO 384 handheld multichannel electronic pipette
  • 384 individual pyramidal indentations in each reagent reservoir allow maximum liquid recovery when using a VIAFLO 384 electronic pipette as well as other platforms
  • Are both economically and environmentally friendly because users can reuse the reservoir base and dispose of the reservoir inserts


LIMS & Software

Scalable Informatics

Platform ACD/Spectrus Platform

  • Enables organizations to apply chemical context to their spectroscopy, spectrometry, and chromatography content
  • Makes it easier than ever for organizations to manage unified analytical data from multiple techniques and instruments, and combine it with chemical and structural information, in a vendor-agnostic homogeneous environment
  • Now includes performance enhancements to the informatics technology and key updates to the web platform


NGS Data Analysis Software

SureCall version 2.0
BOOTH 210 

  • Features compatibility with SureSelect custom target-enrichment and Human All Exon panels
  • Enables clinical researchers to transform raw NGS data into insightful analyses without requiring advanced bioinformatics training or laboratory infrastructure
  • Allows users to easily identify copy number changes and somatic mutations in tumors when comparing them to normal sample analyses and de-novo mutations with trio analysis


Product Spotlight


New software allows quick, accurate identification of unknown spectra
BOOTH 136 (at Experimental Bio 2014)
BOOTH 607 (at asm2014)

This year’s Pittcon in Chicago, Illinois saw the addition of two new tools for researchers working to identify unknown spectra as Bio- Rad announced the release of KnowItAll® ATR /IR ID Expert™ and Raman ID Expert™ solutions for spectral identification.

Both software options provide fast, accurate answers to scientists identifying unknown infrared and Raman spectra, whether they’re experts or technicians with little or no spectroscopy training.

“The spectral intelligence built into KnowItAll ATR /IR ID Expert combined with the world’s largest spectral reference collection provides the highest level of expertise to any scientist, whether a novice or power user,” said Gregory M. Banik, PhD, Bio-Rad general manager of informatics.

The software can also perform super-fast automatic searches, another feature which is great for non-experts and experts alike, Banik added.

All the user needs to do is open an unknown spectrum and the software automatically performs single and multiple component searches as well as functional group analyses simultaneously. The software then summarizes the results on one screen to give a complete view of all possibilities for the unknown spectrum.

If there are problems with the user’s query spectrum, ID Expert can identify these issues and suggest ways to fix them. Banik used the example of a bad baseline spectrum during Bio- Rad’s press conference at Pittcon.

“A novice user may not know it’s a bad baseline,” he said. “A novice user may not know what a bad baseline is.” The software will let them know, and, once the user has identified the unknown spectrum, a PDF report can be generated with one click.

For more information, visit 


Matrix Gemini

  • Now includes a facility for the automation of quality control samples and how they are grouped together
  • Enhancement of the existing ‘runsheet’ function provides the ability to create runsheet templates and automatically build runsheets from those templates as well as performing standard QC calculations
  • Allows different types of runsheet to be defined, among other improvements


Film Thickness Measurement Software


  • Designed to plug-in to CRAIC Technology’s microspectrophotometers and their controlling Lambdafire™ software
  • Allows the user to measure the thickness of thin films rapidly and non-destructively
  • Able to analyze films of many materials on both transparent and opaque substrates
  • Enables the user to determine thin film thickness on everything from semiconductors, MEMS devices, disk drives to flat panel displays


Web-based Technical Tool

Material Selector Tool

  • Designed to assist in identifying appropriate filtration materials by physical attributes
  • Enables users to select up to 10 filter media characteristics as applicable to their filtration product or process
  • Once the selections are made, the Material Selector instantly returns the suggested material choice
  • The latest addition to I.W. Tremont’s array of web-based tools

I.W. Tremont 

Supplies & Consumables

High-Performance, Computer Printable Lab Labels


  • Allows users to print variable data (barcodes, batch numbers etc.) from their laser, inkjet or thermal transfer printers
  • CILS computer printable surface coatings ensure ultra-clear, durable printed data
  • Remain permanent during refrigeration & freezer storage (down to -196ºC), multiple freeze thaw cycles & liquid nitrogen, autoclave & sterilization cycles, and laboratory solvents