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April 2015 Technology News

The latest equipment, instrument and system introductions to the laboratory market.

by Lab Manager
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Thermal Desorption Autosampler


  • Features the ability to change between thermal desorption tubes for air analysis and VOA vials for soil and/ or water analysis
  • Also able to connect to different front end concentrators such as the CDS-7000 purge and trap concentrator, Dynatherm 9300, and even PT systems from OI and Tekmar
  • Compatible with different manufacturers’ sorbent tubes

CDS Analytical 

Glass Trace Analysis Solution


  • Combines sophisticated image analysis software, advanced optical design, and standard reference materials
  • Enables criminalists in modern forensic laboratories to measure the refractive index of multiple glass fragments simultaneously, quickly, and with the highest accuracy
  • When combined with CRAIC microscope spectrophotometers and microcolorimeters, the transmission and fluorescence spectral characteristics of glass evidence can also be determined quickly and accurately with the same instrument


Dumas Nitrogen Analysis Instrument

Dumatec™ 8000

  • Provides reliable Dumas analysis results at a low cost per sample and in just three minutes
  • Design avoids calibration standardization between batches of the same sample type, giving a fast start up time of 30 minutes
  • Features a three-stage water removal system that ensures a long lifetime of the water trap-packing
  • Versatile for all sample types


Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometers


  • High performance gas sampling systems designed for the analysis of high pressure reaction processes up to atmospheric pressure
  • Suited to the study of gas kinetics of atmospheric reactions, clusters and high pressure plasmas
  • Feature the MAX quadrupole mass filter, a 19mm rod diameter triple filter quadrupole
  • MAX quadrupoles are available in mass range options up to 16,000 amu

Henniker Scientific 

Hydrophobic Interaction Columns

MAbPac HIC-20 and MAbPac HIC-Butyl

  • Provide laboratories characterizing monoclonal antibodies (mAb) with additional hydrophobic interaction chromatography (HIC) selectivity options
  • Proprietary chemistry used in the new columns is designed to provide new selectivity in high-resolution separations with excellent biocompatibility and high recovery
  • Designed for compatibility with organic solvent and aqueous mobile phase, as well as for rugged stability and very low carry-over

Thermo Fisher Scientific 

GPC/SEC Platform


  • Integrates highly efficient sample separation via the OMNISEC RESOLVE module and high sensitivity analysis using OMNISEC REVEAL, a fully integrated multi-detector array
  • Designed for researchers and formulators developing novel natural and synthetic polymers, pharmaceutical, and biopharmaceutical products and foods
  • OMNISEC REVEAL can be purchased as an individual detector module to add to an existing GPC/SEC system

Malvern Instruments 

Miniature Spectrometer


  • Delivers high thermal stability and low unit to unit variation without compromising the flexibility and configurability that are the hallmark of modular, miniature spectrometers
  • Features interchangeable slits, indicator LEDs and simpler device connectors
  • Provides great flexibility for a wide range of UV-Vis applications in chemistry, physics, biology, materials science, earth science, and chemical engineering

Ocean Optics 

UV-Vis Spectrophotometer


  • Offers wavelength scanning from 190 to 1,100 nm
  • Suited for applications in a variety of industries, including environmental, food quality, and life science
  • Enables intuitive operation, while the enhanced validation, maintenance, and inspection functions improve work efficiency
  • Monitored system for the D2/WI lamps ensures that users can perform highly stable measurements with this compact unit




  • Features a quadrupole ion guide (Qi)
  • Delivers up to 25x more sensitivity, one order of magnitude lower detection limit, and 20% higher mass resolution
  • Boost in sensitivity is especially beneficial for cutting-edge applications like eddy-covariance flux measurements, where ultra-low VOC concentrations have to be quantified with more than 10 Hz


Basic Lab

Hotplate Stirrers

  • Incorporate two independent control circuits; the additional and independent safety circuit is for limiting the maximum heating plate temperature
  • Extra circuit can be adjusted between 50 and 360ºC but cannot be changed accidentally
  • Ensures that the flashpoint of the user’s reaction solvent is not exceeded, making it ideal for teaching laboratories
  • Features a hermetically sealed design


Non-Ducted Fume Cupboards

  •  Available in standard widths from 550mm to 900mm wide
  • Fully compliant with COSHH regulations and international standards including BS7989:2001 for filtration fume / particulate cupboards
  • Employ extra-large capacity activated carbon filters for removal of fumes and/or HEPA filters for particulate removal
  • Include a 5-year warranty and may be supplied with an optional dual filtration capability


Peristaltic Pumps

Masterflex Catalyst™

  • Integrated pump and drive systems arrive fully assembled and ready to run
  • Takes only 30 seconds to change tubing and tubing occlusion is automatic when the pump head is closed
  • Interlock switch powers unit down when pump head is opened while the unit is running
  • Accept multiple tubing sizes for a broad flow range


Chemical-Resistant Lab Furniture

  • Built from Trespa Toplab Base–a brand of high pressure laminate plate–giving an attractive appearance and a range of inherent benefits
  • Chemical-resistant, antistatic, has low dirt pick-up, is easy to clean, and is scratch-resistant
  • Can be created bespoke to requirements and a core range of sub-assemblies will be kept in stock for a short delivery time

Connect 2 Cleanrooms 

Small Volume Dissolution Tool

Mini HeightChek™

  • This fixed 10mm gauge accurately sets the paddle or basket heights prior to using the Distek small volume dissolution accessory
  • Addresses the increase in utilization of small volume (<200mL) dissolution testing in the marketplace
  • Provides users with a quick and simple tool for setting the operating heights


Educational Microfluidic Starter Kit

  • This low-cost kit is aimed at educational initiatives or those new to microfluidics
  • Offers connect-and-go microfluidic capabilities, allowing easy set-up without the need for specialist tools or a gas supply
  • Enables users to create small droplets, mix fluids, or observe microchannel flow, allowing them to investigate or demonstrate a wide range of microfluidic applications


Direct Concentration Technology

SampleGenie 4

  • Enables large sample volumes to be dried directly into vials, eliminating a number of time-consuming sample handling steps and the attendant risk of errors
  • Designed for use in the Rocket Synergy evaporator
  • Accommodates sample volumes of up to 250ml, and features a new vial adapter insert to suit a range of vials from 12mm to 28mm diameter and up to 70mm tall


pH, DO, and EC/TDS/Salinity Meters

edge® Series

  • Thin and lightweight, measuring only half an inch thick and weighing just 9 ounces, blending elements of a portable and benchtop meter into a seamless design
  • Can be used like a benchtop or portable meter, which can even attach to a wall to free up valuable bench space in a laboratory
  • Includes HI2002 pH/ORP, HI2003 EC/TDS/Salinity, and HI2004 DO

Hanna Instruments 

Digital Refractometer


  • Measures Refractive Index and displays both temperature compensated (nD20) and non-temperature compensated (nD) readings along with temperature on a dual-level LCD screen
  • Can also convert Refractive Index to % Brix scale with the push of a button
  • Features a wide range of 1.3300-1.5080 Refractive Index with +/- 0.0005 accuracy

Hanna Instruments 

Laboratory Fume Hood

UniFlow CE

  • This full duty fume hood in a compact size offers 50% energy savings over conventional hoods
  • Low-flow constant volume by-pass design maintains consistent face velocity
  • Offered in 30”, 36”, 48”, and 72” widths and can be equipped with a wide selection of accessories to meet user’s specific process needs
  • Constructed totally of composite resin


Onsite Laboratory Gas Generators


  • Offer a safe, easy to use, economical and efficient technology for high purity H2, N2, and ZERO AIR analytical grade laboratory gases on demand
  • AiroGen range includes hydrogen generators, nitrogen generators, zero air generators, air & gas systems, compressed air supply systems and compressed air treatment
  • Comprehensive service available


Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator


  • Suited for working in a very wide moisture range from 100 ppm to 100% water content with its maximum capability for automation and future upgrade options
  • A large color touchscreen guides the user from setup to a complete analysis
  • Comes with a built-in thermal printer, has enhanced memory capacity, and more

JM Science 

Sonic Reservoir Sensor System

  • Measures the levels of solvents used in unattended liquid chromatographic separations in real time
  • Useful during a weekend or lengthy chromatographic analysis when there is the risk of running out of solvents during unattended operation
  • Employs a sound wave transmitter positioned in the reservoir’s cap to accurately measure the level of the solvent in the 1 liter reservoir

JM Science 

Vacuum Concentrator

CentriVap® micro IR

  • Fits in tight spaces and is suited for small throughput in molecular biology, proteomics, genomic, genetics, cell biology, and drug discovery labs
  • Weighs only 20 pounds, meaning it may be easily transported from lab to lab
  • Transparent infrared (IR) glass lid directs heat over the samples to speed evaporation and reduce cross contamination from condensation


Filtered Balance Systems


  • Are Class I biological safety cabinets, meeting requirements for non-sterile powders and particulates contained during hazardous drug manipulation
  • These true bag-in/bag-out HEPA-filtered powder hoods include a canopy and damper for thimble ducting the enclosure to the outside
  • Feature a deep interior of 23.4” as well as an ergonomic air foil with Clean-Sweep™ airflow openings




  • Designed to simplify daily or routine measurements of lubricating oils’ viscosity
  • Suited for oil-condition monitoring and is portable, easy to use, fast, and requires only a few drops of oil
  • Measures oil viscosity through an easy, one-minute test, eliminating the need to wait for test results from remote labs
  • Displays dynamic viscosity at ambient conditions


Pipette Tip Racks

Rainin TerraRack

  • Help minimize the problem of plastic tip rack waste
  • Are 50 percent lighter than conventional tip racks, highly compressible when empty, and completely recyclable
  • Composed largely of polyethylene terephthalate, an exceptionally strong polyester that’s easy to recycle and in high demand as a post-waste commodity
  • After use, racks nest inside one another, reducing their volume and disposal costs


Thermoelectric Peltier Chiller


  • Simple to operate and can keep user’s sample at a low temperature for long periods
  • Cooling causes no mess or contamination
  • 20 sample compartments are in each block, sizes 0.2 ml to 2 ml, and the compartments can easily be changed when different sizes are needed
  • Two different models are available


Light Duty Motorized Table


  • This ergonomic, multi-purpose worktable can be equipped for many environments
  • Suited for light industrial, laboratory, light assembly, quality control, packaging, and technical offices
  • Designed to meet ergonomics standards for users in both seated and standing positions
  • Table frame is quickly adjustable by using an integrated linear actuator system, providing height adjustment from 25.39” to 45.08”

Sovella USA 

High Pressure Reactor

HPR-Micro Reactor™

  • Designed for small batch reaction chemistry and is especially suited to early, exploratory research
  • Comes standard with a 10 milliliter Iconel 718 reactor vessel for operation up to 10,000 psi (689 Bar / 68.9 MPa), inlet and outlet valves, and a pressure gauge
  • Depending upon the temperature option selected, operation from -40°C to 150°C is possible

Supercritical Fluid Technologies 

Sampling Pump Calibration Unit

Defender Series

  • DryCal® technology provides fast, ±1% of reading calibrations • Includes three levels of instrumentation, giving the user flexibility to do as much as needed while working to defend lives
  • Features a broad dynamic flow range with a choice of single, hands-free continuous, or user -specified “Burst” measurements
  • Boasts a field-friendly, rugged, and lightweight design

New Star Environmental 

Manual Capper Univo


  • Designed to seal an entire rack of tubes with push caps in a single action
  • Able to repeatedly and reliably secure cap tubes (up to 1.40 ml) in all ANSI /SLAS format racks up to a maximum height of 48mm
  • Includes an adapter matched to user’s specific rack type and tube height to ensure best results



Utilization Management Reporting System

Test Utilization Module

  • Helps laboratories identify opportunities to eliminate unnecessary testing within a few minutes of deployment
  • Provides laboratory directors and managers with business intelligence and analytics to help their management teams monitor key performance indicators
  • Graphical reporting provides immediate insight into key aspects of laboratory performance including turnaround time, productivity, quality, financial management, and utilization


Drug Targets

ChEMBL v.20

  • Now incorporates the Hierarchical Editing Language for Macromolecules (HELM), the macromolecular representation standard recently released by the Pistoia Alliance
  • Can be used to represent simple macromolecules (e.g. oligonucleotides, peptides and antibodies) complex entities (e.g. those with unnatural amino acids) or conjugated species (e.g. antibodydrug conjugates)
  • In the future, will enable researchers to query content in new ways

European Bioinformatics Institute 

Lab Automation

Volume Measurement System


  • Measures liquid and solid contents of 96- and 384-well microplates
  • Designed to improve in-line process efficiency and quality assurance in compound management and storage
  • Can also assess the delivery accuracy and precision of automated liquid handlers
  • By sealing and pressurizing individual microplate wells, the unit measures their contents, down to 1 percent of the potential volume


Heat Sealer for 96-well Tubes


  • Permits the sealing of eight REMP tubes at a time, avoiding the need to seal an entire 96-tube rack
  • Produces tightly-welded, pierceable seals
  • REMP tubes’ small volumes allow for multiple aliquots of individual samples–avoiding freeze-thaw cycles
  • Permits fast vein-to-freezer times in applications with distributed biosample collection and subsequent storage in central biobanks

Brooks Automation 

Life Science

Human Inflammation Panels

Bio-Plex ProTM

  • These multiplex immunoassays enable detection and quantification of a comprehensive set of key inflammation biomarkers in a single assay
  • Available as premixed and ready-to-use large screening kits (37-plex or 24-plex), a pathway-focused Treg 12-plex kit, singleplex assays, or any custom kits
  • Require only a single sample dilution factor and single-level control, simplifying setup


Screening Multiplex Kit for Cancer Research


  • Offers improved sensitivity and simultaneous detection of the seven most common KRAS mutations in a single ddPCR experiment
  • Used with Bio-Rad’s ddPCR technology, able to detect and quantify extremely low levels (down to 0.2%) of KRAS mutant DNA in a single assay • Allows researchers to derive results from low amounts of starting material


Bench-Scale Bioprocess Control Station

BioFlo® 320

  • New features include autoclavable and single-use vessel flexibility, intelligent sensors, and IP network communication for multi-unit control
  • Suitable for microbial and cell culture, scale up to scale down, batch, fed-batch, and continuous processes • Offers flexibility, better control, and maximum functionality while occupying a fraction of the valuable lab space of similar systems


Platform for Nucleic Acid Purification


  • Automated platform is designed for the magnetic bead-based purification of nucleic acids from a wide range of biological samples
  • Features a uniquely-designed magnetic beadbased processing chamber
  • Fully integrated with easy to use, sample specific, pre-packaged reagent kits to process a wide range of bio-specimens
  • Offers excellent yield, purity, reliable performance, flexibility, and convenience

MP Biomedicals 

qPCR System

Prime Pro 48

  • Offers greater accuracy and higher quality data for a variety of applications, setting novel standards of performance, simplicity, and versatility
  • Has 400 associated qPCR detection kits, which cover a wide range of application areas including clinical, veterinary, food, and biohazard testing
  • Uses an economical 48-well PCR plate, which is simple and fast to set up


Molecular Barcoding & Analysis Platform

GemCode™ Platform

  • Consists of instrumentation, reagents, and software, which delivers long range information, including haplotype phasing, structural variation, and de novo assembly
  • By upgrading existing short read sequencers the GemCode Platform generates a powerful new data type: linked reads
  • Partitions arbitrarily long DNA molecules (including >100 kb) and prepares sequencing libraries in parallel

10X Genomics 

Bioreactor Systems

Ambr® 15 and Ambr® 250

  • 2015 versions will be supplied with integrated BioPAT® MODDE Software for Design of Experiments (DoE), powered by Umetrics
  • Software allows bioprocess scientists to easily implement DoE into their workflow for simpler process optimization and scale-up to larger single-use BIOSTAT® pilot and manufacturing scale bioreactors
  • Enables scientists to quickly establish a design space where relevant bioprocessing conditions are varied simultaneously

Sartorius Stedim 

Supplies & Consumables

Cap & Tube Label Sets


  • Multiple CILS label shapes and sizes now available on a single roll/A4 sheet, allowing variable data printing (batch numbers, barcodes etc.) ‘in-lab, on demand’ straight from user’s standard laser or thermal transfer printer
  • Available color-coded for immediate sample recognition
  • Label range provides immediate high-strength bonding to all labware during cryogenic freezer storage (-196°C) and multi-freeze thaw cycles

CILS International 

DNase / RNase- & Pyrogen-Free PCR Plates

  • Feature high rigidity to minimize distortion before and after thermal cycling
  • Produced in Class 10,000 cleanroom conditions • Certified free of pyrogens as well as DNAse and RNAse enzyme activity, enabling routine achievement of excellent PCR results
  • Based upon a well design that eliminates sample carryover problems when using a plate lid

Porvair Sciences