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PerkinElmer's OneSource asset management software

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Problem: Cut costs, mitigate compliance risks, improve efficiency, maximize utilization are phrases we all hear more and more as our organizations push to gain competitive advantage — to “do more with less.” A key tool to assist you in achieving these objectives is a properly configured and utilized asset management software (AMS) system.

Asset Management was once the domain of the finance department. Now it is a necessary task within every laboratory. Many organizations track this information in a piecemeal way, with labs in compliant areas having much greater levels of knowledge and involvement than others. This inconsistent approach results in information “islands” which may address local needs but can result in a lack of control, errors and inconsistency, reduced visibility, and higher costs.

Solution: By using an AMS system to bring a consistent, holistic approach across your entire organization, you gain control of vital information, such as: What equipment do we have (make, model, serial number, age, acquisition cost?) Who is responsible for it? Where is it located? When it was last serviced? When do we need to have it serviced again to maintain compliance? Many people think this is all they need from their AMS system.

The goods news is that with a state-of-the-art system such as the system provided by PerkinElmer’s OneSource, which manages your equipment assets throughout their lifecycle, you can use it for so much more — giving you effective decision support and real opportunities to “do more with less.”

Cut Costs: OneSource’s system tracks the total cost of ownership and compares equipment performance so you can determine which instruments and service providers are bringing you the best value and which equipment investments will be the most cost effective for the future by using this data to inform your procurement decisions.

Mitigate Compliance Risks: OneSource’s system also proactively informs you of when vital maintenance is due, warns you that equipment is out of compliance, and electronically archives your qualification and validation data; you will breathe a lot easier at your next inspection, as well as achieve significant cost avoidance through the reduction of “Out Of Tolerance” events.

Improve Efficiency: Working with information on equipment age, performance, and usage, OneSource can help you deploy your best performing and most efficient equipment in your areas of greatest demand to make sure you get the most out of your investments.

Maximize Utilization: How much equipment in your lab is rarely or never used? Use OneSource to create a “virtual warehouse” of unused equipment that is available for redeployment into other areas of your organization without making unnecessary new equipment purchases. Or use the data to work with an Asset Recovery organization and get working capital in place of idle assets.


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