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How High-Pressure Mass Spectrometry Works

by 908 Devices
Problem: In the analytical sciences the common image of mass spectrometry involves researchers in a core facility, analyzing spectra generated by a machine the size of a refrigerator. Because conventional mass spectrometers operate under extreme vacuum, they must be coupled with pumps that are expensive, bulky, noisy, and fragile. These powerhouse systems are designed to accommodate a wide variety of often-disparate needs, and this flexibility adds complexity in both operation and maintenance.

908 Devices’ Ground-Breaking High Pressure Mass Spectrometry Technology Wins The Analytical Scientist Innovation Award 2013

by 908 Devices
19 December 2013: Boston, MA: 908 Devices, an innovator in point-of-need chemical analysis, is delighted to announce that M908, the world’s first and only handheld high pressure mass spectrometer, has been voted first place winner in The Analytical Scientist Innovation Awards 2013. The awards select a single winner and recognize a short-list of the top 15 advances from across the broad field of analytical sciences.